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Live Review- Sons Of Apollo takes The Plaza Live on a Hard Rock/Prog journey they will never forget!!

Sons Of Apollo!!..You may not know the name, but you know the players and you will know the music soon enough.

Sons Of Apollo

Sons Of Apollo

Sons Of Apollos’  makes history as they hit the stage at The Plaza Live in Orlando for their first ever full show after playing a few warm-up gigs in on The Cruise To The Edge 2018 and The Monsters Of Rock Cruise Pre-Show #1 a few days before. With some of the best rock players and singers you can ever put in a Super Group, SOA is made up of Mike Portnoy– Drums, Derek Sherinian– Keyboards, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal-Guitar, Billy Sheehan– Bass, and Jeff Scott Soto– Vocal and if those names don’t get your blood pumping for some amazing music and playing, I don’t know what will.

Sons Of Apollo are out on their first tour in support their first album “Psychotic Symphony” that is one mind-altering album that you just have to hear to believe and when you hear some of it live, it is even more impressive.

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But before SOA was to make history, the opener Sifting hit the stage to get the crowd worked up for Sons, Sifting, a Rock / Metal / Progressive band out of Las Angeles California hit the stage like a bat out of hell, never looking back and whipping the crowd into a fist-pumping frenzy that wouldn’t stop from the first note to their last. These guys bring it hard, fast and heavy. The one infectious thing about the guys (Eduardo O Gil – Guitar & Vocals / Richard Garcia – Lead Guitar / Joey Aguirre – Drums / Wins Jarquin – bass) is the energy they exude from the stage and it just looks like they are having one hell of a great time, and who wouldn’t when they are opening up with some legends of music that make up Sons Of Apollo. The band came out swinging and knocked the set out of the park.! Go Check out their latest album “Not From Here” and go check them out at the show, you will not be disappointed! Thes guys fucking ROCK! and you will know why SOA brought them out with them.

The show we had all been waiting for was about to start and take us on a music mind-melting journey, and the buzz in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. As the house lights dropped and the crowd pushes up close to get the best view, with the music of Van Halen “Intruder”, the guy hitting the stage to a huge applause and started out with one epic 11 minute song called “God Of The Sun”, this song is one insane music masterpiece and left many picking their jaws off the floor at the plaza. They winded their way through song after song that you can see was just getting the crowd mesmerized with amazement at what was going on on stage, the sheer power of  Ron”Bumblefoot” on guitar is just unbelievable, and it was even more incredible was playing of a double guitar, and shredded all night. Billy is a beast on the bass and that is all you need to say about Sheehan, as he sported a double bass to go with Ron’s guitar. The guys mixed the set up nicely with songs from the new album as well as doing a few covers like “Just Let Me Breathe” from Dream Theater, that just happens to be the band that Derek and Mike Portnoy are familiar with as well as “The Prophets song/Save Me” from Queen. Derek, Ron, Billy and even Jeff Scott Soto all did little solos that were all out of this world epic!. It was the first time seeing a vocalist come out and do a solo vocal and it was crazy.


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All the guys in the band are straight up top notch in their field of music and the instruments they play and in the music industry itself. They mesh really well and seems like that have been playing together for years.  This is a show you need to hear to believe, It has just about everything you need and want to hear in a rock show and more! It is EPIC through and through!

The Sons Of Apollo show at The Plaza Live was one for the records and the fans of Rock/Prog were there to witness history and that is just what they got.!


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