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Concert Review~Yellowcard Brings it home to Jacksonville Florida at Daily’s Place for the First of Two Shows in their Hometown.

Yellowcard is an American rock band that formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997 and which has been based in Los Angeles since 2000.[1] Primarily a pop-punk group, their music is recognized for having a distinct sound in its genre, primarily due to the prominent use of a violin in their songs, and are best known for their singles “Ocean Avenue”, “Only One”, and “Lights and Sounds”. The band has released ten studio albums, with its most recent, Yellowcard, released on September 30, 2016. Following this release and supporting tour, the band broke up. The band reunited in September 2022 for a performance at Riot Fest and are embarking on a 20th-anniversary tour for Ocean Avenue in 2023. A new EP, Childhood Eyes, is due for release on July 21, 2023.

My first Yellowcard show was Warped Tour 2004. I’ve seen them through drummers, Mack-Flips, hiatuses, and breakups and I’d still follow them anywhere. Their shows are electric, invigorating, and fun. Yellowcard knows how to perform, knows how to create a setlist, and seeing them Blossom was wild. Hearing how many people had never seen their show before was mind-blowing. Knowing they are riding this new wave into their new EP and future shows makes me inexplicably happy for them. We may have been among the first to love them, but we love them still. Always will.

The show itself was amazing, what was not amazing, I hadn’t seen Yellowcard or Story of the Year in quiet awhile. They both sounded as great as ever. I thought YC was going to play all of Ocean Ave (the album). They played a majority of it with other album songs sprinkled in. Overall, I had so much fun and “screamed my lungs out”. Yellowcard the rock the hours down! And Story of the Year was amazing! MayDay Parade was fantastic as always! it was incredible night and concert! This Wild Life was a great band to start the night and they really hit a home run to get the crowd up and the energy flowing.

Yellow Card

Mayday Parade

Story Of The Year

This Wild Life

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