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Album Review~ While She Sleeps Album “Sleeps Society” !

While She Sleeps Album “Sleeps Society”

Their long a waited 5th album Sleep society has arrived formed in the UK in 2006 the band is fronted by lead singer Lawrence Taylor style is often referred to as metal core the collaborations with Simon Neil of Buffy Clyro on “Nervous” another well known UK based band and Derrick Whibley of Sum 41 on “No Defeat For The Brave” make the album unique in its on way. The tracks reflect personal inspiration of each member of the band, the backing vocals and guitar riffs makes this album a success for the band in my opinion and i highly recommend giving it a listen. Sleep Society dropped April 16th and band plans on touring in the near future. Overall a great 5th release by the band, give it listen if have a chance you wont be disappointed.


I’d have to say the tracks that caught my attention were
1.track 4 “Nervous“. The backing vocals and guitar fills throughout song makes it a great song for the album
2.track 9 “Sleep Society ” title track of album. They pulled no stops with this
song. Fast paced along with a sort of EDM fill in the background through the song makes it unique to me
3. Track 3 “Systematic” .song starts off fast and drum fills are great along with the different backing tracks. Lead screaming vocals have a rap vibe also so it stands out to me as a top 3 track on the album
4.track 7 “No Defeat for the Brave” song stands out because of the way it starts and additional vocals by Deryck of Sum 41. The way they slow the song in the middle then come in screaming makes it a banger for the album plus guitar solo is on point.

Review by John Sorrentino


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