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Concert Review~ Barenaked Ladies, Five For Fighting and Del Amitri Bring the Heat to St. Augustine Amp on the Last Summer on Earth 2023 Tour!

The Barenaked Ladies have been honing their musical and comedic chops since playing gigs around Canada with a comedy troupe in the late 1980s. Starting out as an acoustic duo, they quickly expanded into a full-fledged band and became well-known for their fun and dynamic live shows, where they’d throw in some of their improv and rapping skills. Since those early shows, the Ladies have been performing nearly continuously on tours that have crisscrossed the globe. They brought their friends Five For Fighting and Del Amitri to bring one hell of a show.

I first saw Del Amitri in roughly the mid 90’s in their “Hey Day”as it were. They were fantastic and I have been a BIG fan ever since. This show was fantastic show. Played a lot of their classics that most everyone would want to hear. Do yourself a favor and go see them on this U.S. Tour because who knows when or if you might have another chance. Justin sounds as good as ever and the band had what I would consider to be a very tight performance. Hey, after 30 years I think they know what they are doing! If talent were stardom, these boys would be dining with Keith and Mick. Still brilliant, maybe better than ever, touring their new release. The new tracks blended in perfectly with the classics. Damn, I love this band. Hope they keep it going.

The year 2013 was a back-to-basics year for John Ondrasik, better known by his stage name, Five for Fighting, as he reunited with longtime producer Gregg Wattenberg and released “Bookmarks,” his first album in four years. The lead single, “What If,” marked a return to the formula that made earlier hits, “Superman” and “100 Years,” so memorable. Never reliant on studio trickery, Five for Fighting in concert are just as moving, with an experienced backing band and Ondrasik at the piano, singing in his trademark falsetto. Ticket buyers looking for a little loudness in their rock won’t be disappointed, either, as Five for Fighting supply the occasional rock anthem in their repertoire as well. Ultimately, whether he’s playing loud or soft, Ondrasik’s shows are about intimacy and connecting with each individual. In that sense, they’re a natural extension of “Bookmarks,” connecting with listeners on his long-explored themes of love and reflection.

Five for Fighting put on a great show! I’ve been wanting to see them live for a long time and they did not disappoint.

With an amusing mix of pop, rock, sincerity and humor, the Barenaked Ladies are one of Canada’s most endearing exports. Over the years, they’ve been in a constant state of evolution, scoring hit singles in the ‘90s, contributing theme songs for TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and Odd Job Jack, releasing a holiday album, dropping an award-winning children’s album and even creating a popular fan cruise (called “Ships and Dip”). The band started humbly enough in the late ‘80s, as just an acoustic duo, featuring vocalists and schoolmates Ed Robertson and Steven Page

BNL brings energy, great music, laughter and magic to their concerts. A few new songs plugged in to enjoy along with their older music. Their performance is unmatched. They get the audience involved and everyone is jumping. Ok so I grew up listening to Barenaked ladies and let me tell you that this concert was one of the best times that I have had seeing them I have seen them in the past and this concert was so much fun the energy that those guys have is incredible.

Barenaked Ladies are always a great live show. Always unique and always fun. This show at the St Augustine Amphitheater didn’t let us down. The venue is so nice and an intimate place to see one of our favorite bands.

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