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Ignite Review~ After 10 Years of Not tour in the states… W.A.S.P is selling out venue after venue..Along with Special Guest Armored Saint.

Yes, you heard it right, W.A.S.P is on tour in the US OF FUCKING A!! on their 40th Anniversary World Tour with Special guest Armored Saint.The tour have had a few US date for the first time in 10 years, and we caught up with the bands in Orlando Florida at The Plaza Live

On a Saturday night in November, the forty and fifty somethings can out in force to The Plaza Live to show their support for 80’s metal and how much they still love it, and just want to bring back those days just for one kick ass night!! AND THAT IS JUST WHAT THEY DID!!

Rolling up to the venue at 7:30pm, you can see that this was going to be an epic night, with the black shirts out in full force and the crowd wrapped literally almost all the way around the building and it kept on getting longer with old and new fans alike. I have been to The Plaza Live many times but i had never seen the line this long before. I could feel the energy of the fans as i walked to get my ticket and pass to go in…and it was just what the Dr. Ordered, this is my music therapy, and this was going to be a great night for it.

The show was supposed to start at 8pm sharp, but as i got into the venue and from the size of the line outside i know this was not going to happen, so i just relaxed and sat back with some friends, as we watch the venue fill up to the back of the place in no time. As it was going to be a sold-out show!

The anxious crowd filtered in and packed the place like sardines, and the place started to heat up with excitement of the show starting. First up was going to be the band Armored Saint, another popular metal band for the 80’s with the crowd. I had listened to them as well in the days and still remembered many of the song once they started playing their set!

02 Dec – St Charles, IL – Arcada Theater
03 Dec – St Charles, IL – Arcada Theater
05 Dec – Denver, CO – Oriental Theater
07 Dec – Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Theater
09 Dec – San Francisco, CA – The Regency

Few Bands in the history of Rock N’ Roll have ever incited the love, the hate, the raw emotional effect this Band has had on the world. From the very beginning, in the small venues of Los Angeles California, and later to the numerous countries worldwide that banned these Winged Assassins from performing live, the Band’s unique style of Shock and Rock caused religious organizations, Local City Councils, Parliaments, and the Washington D.C. Senate to hold hearings in an effort to bar this group from selling records and trashing stages everywhere they played.

The band’s founding member, front man Blackie Lawless, has led the group as its lead vocalist and primary songwriter since its beginning. His unique brand of visual, social and political comment took the group to worldwide heights and sold millions of records alongside a legacy of sold out shows across the globe for 4 decades.

Joined by bassist Mike Duda and guitarist Doug Blair, whose tenures in the band span 26 and 18 years respectively, along with drummer extraordinaire Aquiles Priester, will take the Band and the Fans back to where it all started. Complete with the stage show extravaganza that many fans never saw live.

W.A.S.P has not toured in the states for 10 years, and there came out on stage to show the fans what they have been missing for all those years. Blackie Lawless and the band hit the stage running with celebrating their 40th Anniversary tour W/ Armored Saints as well.

Blackie and the band start out their sold-out show to Orlando with an epic mash up of some of the more iconic songs W.A.S.P have ever put out “On Your Knees / The Flame / The Torture Never Stops / Inside the Electric Circus and from there the night just got more and more amazing with the band showing that they have not missed a beat in the music or the singing. “Love Machine” and “WILD child” came screaming up and the crowd went wild!! You can tell these fans were ready for kick ass show, and that is what there were getting! Blackie standing behind a one-of-a-kind mic stand that only blackie can do and handle, that he would lean back and forth on as the show would go on. The stage was set up as you were at a circus, with was perfect for bringing it all the way back to the beginning with Circus Circus with Blackie and Randy Piper, who are two of the OG that started W.A.S.P back in 1982.The show just proceeded to from great to one of the best shows i have seen this year, and i have seen a lot of shows this year. But i am a little bias, being I was a huge W.A.S.P fan in the early years in the 80′ when I was in middle school.

The band rolled through their set with ease and never took a break except for Blackie to chat a little bit about tour almost didn’t happen and it was all the fans that made it happen but petitioning the promoters to book this tour and the promoters didn’t have the faith that the band could still fill venues like that did in other countries, but by were they wrong. This show was another sold out show, as were most of the U.S date that came ahead and the ones after. That just goes to show you what the fans can do to get a band tour and show the promoters are wrong, AND Blackie set it best to the promoters that didn’t book them thinking they couldn’t fill a venue with a big “SUCK IT”, and of course the crowd went wild!

This EPIC show ended with two of the most well know W.A.S.P I believe have ever put out “Animal (Fuck Like A beast)“, as the fans sang the song word for word and the place was electric! The band then moved into the last song of the night in W.A.S.P fashion only way they could with “I Wanna Be Somebody

Witness Live the Winged Assassins spectacle of “SHOCK and ROLL” as they take you Back…Back to the Beginning!

Openers, Armored Saint is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1982. Since 1990, the band has consisted of John Bush on lead vocals, Joey Vera on bass, Jeff Duncan on rhythm guitar and the Sandoval brothers (Gonzo and Phil) on drums and lead guitar, respectively. Of the current lineup, Bush and Vera are the two constant members. To date, the band has released eight studio albums, one EP, two live albums and one compilation album.

As one of the leaders of the Los Angeles heavy metal scene, Armored Saint achieved moderate success during the 1980s with their 1983 self-titled EP and first three studio albums: March of the Saint (1984), Delirious Nomad (1985) and Raising Fear (1987).[1] Prior to the release of their fourth studio album Symbol of Salvation (1991), the band was plagued by extended inactivity, due to record company issues and the death of their original guitarist Dave Prichard, who died of leukemia in 1990. Armored Saint eventually broke up when Bush joined Anthrax in 1992 to replace Joey Belladonna, but reunited in 1999, and has continued to tour and record since then.

Armored Saint came out guns blazing with their opening song “Reign of Fire” and rocked into “End of the Attentions Span” and rolled “Nervous man“. John still has the chops to sing all these songs still and is one of the best in the business …and the band has not missed a beat by any means. AS had a masterful set of 10 songs that had the crowd and fans throwing up horns and clinched fists for and hour and twenty minutes, of pure heavy metal that brought back so many memories for old fans and new memories for new fans that came to see a kick ass 80’s band still kicking ass on stage after 40 fucking years of melting faces and still doing it.

Then it was time for the stars of the show to come out and really kick some major metal ass!! W.A.S.P can out on stage to huge welcome for metal fans from all over that packed that place and were here to bring back the real metal of the 80’s and show the fans what they have been missing for the past 10 years they have not played in the states.

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