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Review- Slayer- Lamb Of God and Behemoth melting faces at St. Augustine Fl.

Review- Slayer- Lamb Of God and Behemoth melting faces at St. Augustine Fl.

St. Augustine Florida is known for being the oldest city in the U.S., but on 7/21 Slayer, Lamb Of God and Behemoth, three of the heaviest acts in the country came to show the oldest city how heavy metal and death metal is done, and it brought in a sea of black the St. Augustine Amphitheater has never seen. A sea of black shirts and heavy metal from for

A sea of black shirts and heavy metal fans came in droves to enter the venue early to get a good spot to see all more than heavy acts. Slayer and Lamb Of God shirts were plentiful through out the amphitheater and you can tell they were ready to have their face melted by some of the meanest, blackest music your ears will ever hear.

Behemoth brought the death/black metal that melted faces from front to back. The sea of black shirt soon became a sea of hands with horns and fist pumping metal heads. The crowd was really getting into their sets and the theatric of the black/death metal played perfectly to the fans. Lamb Of God came out on stage and rocked the place with their high energy show, with lead singer Randy leading the way with high flying jumps and screams from the depth of hell. Slayer is well…Slayer!! They are the vets of the three and they bring a show like no other. They hit the stage with speed metal like no other, with Kerry King leading the way with mind melting guitar solos. Slayer is one of those bands you have to see live to appreciate a great metal act. I have seen them many times and they just keep getting better,.Like a fine wine!

This tour is one hell of a tour with some of the best musicians old and new, taking the same stage to learning from one another and making memories. GO SEE THIS SHOW!!


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