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[Concert Review] Carly Pearce warms up St. Augustine Amphitheater !

Carly Pearce-7352Carly Pearce opened last night at the St. Augustine Amphitheater.  I had not heard her before the concert, and was curious about this country girl who started her career at age 11 fronting a bluegrass band and playing at Dollywood.  She took the stage with just a drummer and guitarist and immediately had the crowd’s attention with her folksy country vocals.  She showed off her vocal range with Forever Tonight  with great harmonies.  Showcasing her writing abilities, she sang Just Another Girl, a song she wrote about loving someone who moves on to another and Things Change, the story of returning home to see all the changes that occur to those places you grew up and loved.  She changed up the pace by singing the fast paced bluegrass favorite, Driving Nails in My Coffin.  Carly closed her set with a nod to Dolly Parton and her time performing at Dollywood  by singing  9 to 5.

Carly Peace is a true country artist with great writing and vocal abilities.  She currently has a single out Blame The Whiskey – give her a listen, you won’t be disappointed.


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