[Concert Review] “We are Motörhead..And We Play Rock & Roll” !!! ..And they play it louder then anyone else !


Motorhead Rocking House of Blues

Orlando Fl. Sept. 25th – The weather was rocking and rolling just as we rolled up tho The House Of Blues at Down Town Disney in Orlando Florida with rumbling thunder and early light show from the sky. The gray luminous clouds  quickly darkened to the same shade of black that the majority of the people that lined up at the House of Blues building, and it started to come down like -There was more leather,studs and cut up denim you could shake a drum stick at, and you could tell these fans we ready to see one of the best lines for a rock show EVER… Motorhead- Anthrax and Crobot , Two legendary bands that have stood the test of time, and one up and coming band that is ready to show the world they are hear to fucking rock with the best of them !!

The House of Blues wasn’t even going to know what hit them once this SOLD OUT show started. Motorhead and Anthrax fans are some of the hardest core fans in the business, with followers for around the world that will do anything to see their rock idols.

Corbot-2764The show started with a 30 minute set from Crobot ..hitting the stage like there was no tomorrow,..The energy they put out is addicting, and the crowd definitely got addicted to their sound and music, with blasting southern rock/metal songs like ” The legend of the Spaceborne Killer“, and crowd favorite ” Welcome to Fat City “. If you don’t know who Crobot is, i am sure you are going to hear more of them in the future. The really know how to put on a show from start to finish, with out giving you a time to breath.

Anthrax-2975Anthrax we the middle man in the show, But the reaction the got as they came out, they were almost be considered co head liners in my opinion, that kicked some major ass to too no mercy on the packed house. The mosh pit was as brutal as they get, with people flinging anything and everything they could. Anthrax crushed out all time crowd favorite that everyone in the crowd young and old were singing word for word..Like ” Caught in a MOSH”,.Which set the pit into a frenzy. “Antosocial ” was another one that everyone seemed to know from start to finish, and ending with ” Indians”. But the coolest part of their set was the tribute they gave to a few of their fallen friends Ronny James Deo and Dimebag Darrel , with a banner picture of each one off the side of the stage for one song.

The band came out to a roaring chant of MOTORHEAR!..MOTORHEAD!….The lights went down and Phil and Mikkey take their places on stage to a erupting cheer soon to follow- Lemmy steps up to his iconic high mic stand as they started the show off with a bang of a song, “BOMBER”. Phil worked the front of the stage with all the energy of a seasoned guitar player, frequently scrabbling up to his wawa petal or to pump up the crowd that was already in a frenzy. Mikkey Dee was high up on his drum set smashing the hell out of skins.Corbot-3199

Motorhead’s singer/bassist Lemmy Kilmister has grappled with a slew of health issues, forcing him and Motorhead to cancel and/or truncate recent stops on their current tour. Nevertheless, they proved they are still capable of delivering a high octane performance as was the case last Friday night. They plowed through a satisfying set of both old and new songs with plenty of screaming guitar work and pounding drum solos as delivered by Phil “Wizzo” Campbell and Mikkey Dee, respectively, and all rounded out with Lemmy’s signature bass work and guttural, growling vocals!

A few highlights of the show were when Phils “Wizzo” Campbell masterful guitar solo, just after playing “Over the top” . the Solo was a nice and mythical, with nice slow riffs and grungy hard hitting screaming notes along the way,Campbell joined Motorhead in 1984 and has been hammerin’ out hot licks since. Wizzo shreds all over the track as Lemmy and Mikkey Dee supply the backbone through out the set.

Mikkeey Dee, set his drum kit on fire with a drum solo from hell, Mikkey really kept the crowd amped with standing up and egging the crowd to yell and scream, and it worked, Specially after the solo which let right in to the most iconic songs “ The Ace of Spades”. Once the crowd heard the first few riffs and the some they went insane,  with people moshing at the center of the pit like a pack a crazy bulls wanting to get out.

The Lemmy and the guys came in to Orlando for a quick stop before heading out on the Motorhead Motorboat Cruise with leaves today out of Miami, and put on a kick ass metal show for the ages- from start to finish, Lemmy looked and sounds good., he may have started off a little slow from the gates, but most champions do, it is how they end the show what is important, and they ended it like it was their last one.

This was one hell of a show from start to finish, all the bands set out to do what their hearts and passion for the music tell them to do, and that is give the crowd something to remember, and this is one that i will always remember !! If you ever get a chance to see Motorhead, DO IT !!  Because, ” They are Motorhead,.. And they play some kick ass Rock and Roll” !!




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