Slipknot sets Tampa Fl. on fire and the crowd leaves Corey Taylor “Speechless !!”

The masks have changed but the face is still the same !!


Slipknot made their way through Florida stopping at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater on their second stop of the new  ” Summer’s Last Stand Tour ” with the guys from Lamp Of God, Bullet For Your Valentine and Motionless in White supporting.

Seventeen years after Slipknot emerged as leading members of the Nu-Metal movement, they are still insane, destructive and completely unruly, JUST THE WAY WE LIKE IT !!. There is no less drive or ambition in their performance or attitude after all these years.

The bandS fifth studio album 5: The Gray Chapter,. Some fans wondered how the band was going to react to the one of the co-founders of group dying   in 2010 and the departure of the drummer recently was going to affect the band in the studio and on the stage.

No one need have worried. The album is a triumphant reversion to their early, heavier sound. And at MFCUA on Saturday night many of the new songs were received by fists in the air and horns on the hands- as if they had been listening to the song for the last 17 years.

They walked onto the Amphitheater stage with the roar of the crowd and the growl of XIX, before melting the faces of the front row with Sarcastrophe with the velocity that is expected when a band plays something fresh and new.

It was the roots of Slipknot and  the song of the past that were the sharpest in the crowds minds – as shown in the true slipknot fans would show how it is done with violent moshing that ensued at the climax of Spit It Out, before which the audience had all been kneeling down in anticipation of the metaphorical blood bath. Equally during People = S–t and Duality, the crowd’s earsplitting singing was almost louder than the band, which at one point with Front-man  Corey Tylor saying “ You have left this big mouth Speechless”.

It was one of those nights at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater that Slipknot showed that they are as relevant to heavy metal today as they were when they first put on this masks and stepped on to that stage for the first time. The masks give a performance that ageless feeling and so does their relentless manner. Their performance was proof that they are here to stay and of how much what they stand for is important to their fans and indeed to themselves.

Lamb Of God-507Lamb of God  really brought the energy in their set. Randall and the guys showed the crowd that metal is still alive and they are not slowing down. I am sure they were really on a huge high with the new album ” VII: Sturm Und Drang” had just be release the day before the show in Tampa.

LOG along with Bullet For My Valentine and Motionless In White set the stage for ONE HELL OF A METAL SHOW !!..This just goes to show all the haters that Metal is here and is doing just fine !! \m/

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