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Ignite Live Review~ Collective Soul with Friends Switchfoot & Jade Jackson Brings the Florida Theatre to their Feet with an Epic Show!!

The Florida Theatre hosted one of the most icon rock bands in the land, A band that has travel the world many times over in their amazing career. Collective Soul is and band that need no real introductions when out on tour the have been rock the stages since 1992 and has been doing with some of the greatest love performances for all those years. This night, CS brought a few friends with them to the party with Switchfoot and up and coming sensation Jade Jackson to heat up the crowd.

Let us start out with Collective Soul and their insane set at the theatre. The band has many many iconic songs to choose from other the years that all of us fan know and love. Collective Soul came out dominating the stage. I’ve said countless times before that Collective Soul has to be one of the most underrated bands of all time, and that showed the crowd and fans just that this night. Ed Roland has got to be an underrated front man. The energy he brought, and the crowd engagement made it to be a very entertaining show. While the band may not be all original members, that’s soon forgotten as Johnny Rabb on drums killed it with his performance. Jesse Triplett also is a great guitar player. As a lot of legendary bands start to get older, Collective Soul still sounds like they did from almost 30 years ago. Even the new songs they played sounded refreshing and great to rock out too. Definitely recommend seeing them!! The show started off with the one and only “Cut The Cord” and the worked their way through many old and new songs live “Shine” and a brand-new song that was done acoustically by Ed himself called “Bob Dylan Where are you Today” that was incredible! The band continued to rock their way through more and more song that got the crowd up out of their seats and dancing to “The World I Know” that really got the packed how cheering and wanting more.

At one point of the show, they covered an REM song ” The One I love ” and as they started to play, they had a few guest come out and join them, Switchfoot lead singer John Foreman can out in what he said ” I stole on of your suits, and he may have as it was one that was wild just as much as Eds. Jade come out wearing a chrome finished helmet on. It quite a sight to see and was fun to see them all on stage having a great time with each other and the song.

The show ended with three of the bands most popular songs and had the fans going crazy song after song The crowd sang along to the songs “Gel” and “Where the River Flows” and Ed ask for their help singing. The show end 15 song set with “Run“, giving the crowd just what they wanted for all 15 songs, One Hell of a rock show., and the guy delivered just that!

Collective Soul has been doing show for over 30 years, and they have not missed a beat in those 30 years, if not they are just getting better like a fine wine. Get out there and see this band! That is all I have to say.

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