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Erin Kinsey next generation of Woman of Country talks about her start to Country music and new release EP.

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Robby Stevens

Originally from Rockwall, Texas and moved to Nashville TN at age 17 after high school graduation. Started playing piano at age 4 encouraged by her mom and expanded to guitar, banjo and to drums. On April 25, 2022 she debut on the Grand Ole Opry.

She talked about songs on the 40 East EP and currently to work on a full album and for performances for this year and the future.

IMM:  You started writing music around 11 or 12 years old?

Erin: Yeah, I got a guitar for Christmas a classic story though I been at piano lessons since pre-school though of Spanish or piano lessons and my mom put me in piano. When I got the guitar I would learn songs from the radio and with piano I would learn music like from Beethoven which is beautiful pieces but not what an 11 year old girl wants to learn.  So when I got the guitar I learned songs from the radio and also started to write my own songs too. I been in so many sports and clubs and it was first thing I could not get enough of regardless of how many hours I played I could not get enough of it. Though I first learned at 12 years old  was a big deep emotional cut of Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl Shake It For Me” for my dear Christian  beautiful mother (Laughter) who said to write your own which I did. And it was everybody to me said it was as a form of therapy, and my ideas out there also diving deeper into this thing I love which is music.

IMM: Then you moved to Nashville?

Erin: Yes. I moved to Nashville after graduating high school a year early and started at 6 am officially. However I made my first trip when I was 12 instead to going to the beach for our family vacation we went to Dollywood, Nashville and the Opry. Then we I mean my family we go over the summer and write songs and meet people around my high school and once a month we would make the trip to Nashville.  I missed a ton of school, to meet people and to know the lay of the land and moved at 17 which is kind a young and a least had a community of people here that I knew and little idea how it worked.

IMM: On April 25 you performed at the Grand Ole Opry?

Erin: Grand Ole Opry Yes! My goodness I never thought that would happen right now. I prayed it would happen one day but man that will be a night I will never forget.

IMM: Fast forward to now and you released a 4 track EP for streaming only and no physical copies?

Erin: It has 5 songs on it with a radio edit of the single and no physicals copies and hoping to upgrade that sucker to an album so I’ll wait to printed it out until it is the full finish thing and maybe some physical copies and some point for memories though not officially at the moment.

IMM: What songs are on the EP?

Erin: “Just Drive”, “Better On Me”, “Hate This Hometown”, “This Ain’t Heaven”, and “I Got You”.

IMM: The song “Drive” is basically about you and your boyfriend going for a drive and having fun and see what happens along the way?

Erin: Yeah, I wrote that song not even a year ago now and really changed my life. It’s one I decided to write something really specific and special to me and thought it would be some slow ballad and turned out to be this fun summer love song. The first verse is about my boy friend and I started dated him during my freshman year at high school. So is based on the date we had during high school on Valentine’s Day and at melting pot at Dallas and I from a smaller town about 30 minutes from Dallas. So were going over a bridge to Dallas and he had play list all prepared as any 16 or 17 year old dose and we were listening and jamming out and remembering how much fun I was having in the car and is not a 5 star restaurant necessarily but at the time it sure felt like it. And that is what the first verse is based off just being in the car with him instead of wishing it was just 30 minutes or 45 minutes away or an hour away because I was just having so much fun in car with him. Being from the same hometown we do spend a lot time in the car together and when I come home for Christmas or Easter or anything like that we tag time together. Let me tell you there isn’t many people I Look forward to in 9 hour car ride with him and the quality time.

And I “Hate This Hometown” is about like how the football won everywhere like on the TV show Friday Night Lights and I didn’t think I miss but I really did. It’s an apology on how fast I left and forgiveness about quick I came back.

IMM: You also play seven instruments?

Erin: Yeah, the drum line helped to attribute to that big number. It’s really fun that we are getting back on the road and to perform in front of people and pull

out those fun party tricks and over the summer to play at festivals and playing places where I have long enough set where I can play the party tricks (Laughter).

IMM: As for shows, plans or discussions in the works to get you performing at other states with other artists?

Erin: Absolutely! My dream is to get on a tour of some kind and I have my fingers crossed for that. I am excited for that, that I never done the festival route and I never done a lot of it and I started to put my music out during the middle of the pandemic. So for the first time I am very few months I gone to a show and sang ona song that people knew and they knew the words to it and that was surreal feeling. So I am really excited to get on the road this summer and play places I never been and meet new people. All these people we have something in common that they know the songs and I wrote the songs about me. You know to meet them and thank them for changing my life and have a good time.

IMM: Currently shows are being planned for small venues and to do tour support for other artists?

Erin:  Yeah, I hope to do tour support one day and I let me team know that’s a dream of mine but for now is mostly festivals so I am excited for that and everybody there is to have a good time and see live music and I am one of those they will get to see.

IMM: Good and for 2023 a full album to be released?

Erin:  Yeah, and hopefully before then as I been on the road a lot and starting to get back in the writers rooms to figure out what that full project looks like with those songs and beat out the ones I got with better stuff and we’ll have to see and putting out more music soon.  It’s such a high to put out new stuff putting my heart on the line and I’m ready to do it again for sure.

IMM:  You have a band for recording and performing?

Erin: Yeah and a lot is going on so I don’t have the exact same guys every time but I do have some that are pretty consistent.

IMM: Well since you play several instruments you can play them on stage

Erin: Yeah, I am looking forward to that over the summer though sometimes you have 10 minute set and pack as much you can in there. This time we have a

full band on the road and we have room to bring extra instruments so it will be fun to incorporate that in a live show.

IMM: You will be doing your songs and some covers?

Erin:  I will definitely will be doing some covers but most will be my own songs and feel excited to do them. When I pick covers I do it to throw people off (Laughter). Things they are not expecting So I will probably not play “Strawberry Wine”.  I am excited and for the song “Drive” one of the lines mentions the band Paramore on the radio. So day to day we are deciding which Paramore song we should do and be fun call back to just “Drive” and come up some fun things like that, some summer songs.

IMM: Also you can cover Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan…

Erin:  Heck yeah, call backs from where I came from and let me know on others you think of.

IMM:  Good things will be happening for you this year, next year and beyond and pleasure talking to you.

Erin: Thanks so much and good talking to you.

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