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Live Review~ Theory Blazes Through Orlando at ‘The Hard Rock Live’ for a Kick Ass Show on the ‘Say Nothing’ Tour!!

Canadian rockers Theory of a Deadman are back with another batch of odes to hard partying, hard drinking, beautiful women, and living life like there’s no tomorrow. The band’s music is down-and-dirty rock and roll done right, mixed with some swampy blues riffs and a healthy serving of good-ol’-boy country – and they have concerts to match. With booming bass drums, high-impact guitars and stadiums and arenas packed with Deadman fans who are there to party, this is one of the best rock tickets in town. It’s not all high-energy madness, though. Lead singer and songwriter Tyler Connolly has seen some pain, and he’s turned it into soft, introspective ballads, like “By the Way” and, from their recent 2011 album, “The Truth Is…,” the good-relationship-gone-bad song “Out Of My Head.”

Theory came swinging at The Hard Rock live on a Sunday evening at the greatest place on Earth Disney Springs. The place was packed with hard core fans ready to see one of the best in the business in live shows. The house lights dime and the crowd went wild from the hit of the first drum beat to the end of their 21-song set that set the on fire with some great originals as well as some kick ass covers of some epic bands. The crowd just couldn’t get enough of song like “Low Life ” that started off the show. This song got the crowd pumping and getting into the band right from the get-go. It is definitely one of the bands more popular songs out. The band proceed to rock out to song like “World Keeps Spinning”, “Santa Monica”, the guy then went on a cover song bonanza with “Wicked Games”, “Don’t Stop believin'” and rolled in to “Jump” by Van Halen and ended with nice little tune “A Thousand Miles” by Jessica Carlton if you believe that. it was Epic!!

The regular set ended with some great tune like “History of Violence” that is one of the new songs of the new album “Say Nothing”, that had some irony in some of the lyrics that was happen all over the country with the riots going on. The band popped in one more cover from none other than Garth Brooks “Friends In Low Place” that had the crowd sing it word for word back to them. The night ended with the fans and crowd screaming for more as the band come out for the encore of two of the bands i would say more popular song RX (Medicate) and “Girl Is On Fire” as well as two more covers “Paridise City” and “Walk” by Pantera!! It was such a great fucking show! if you get a chance to see Theory out on the road this will not be disappointed at all, the show is filled with great songs that we all know and you will be singing all of them!

The guys really know how to put on one hell of an entertaining show with that keep the crowd wondering what is going to come next, and that is what a live show is all about, the element of surprise!!

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