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Shinedown Premieres “Planet Zero” Video Tomorrow @ 11am EST

Multi-platinum rock band Shinedown will be releasing a thought-provoking and cinematic music video for lead single “Planet Zero” tomorrow Thursday March 3rd at 11am EST

The video arrives as “Planet Zero” hits #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay Chart this week. The explosive single, the title track from the band’s seventh studio album out April 22 on Atlantic Records, is Shinedown’s 17th #1 and sixth consecutive chart-topper, breaking a new record for the most #1s in the 40-year history of the chart.

It brings to life a glimpse of a dystopian future (complete with a menacing A.I. character named Cyren from the album’s interludes who we hear at the end of the music video) that warns of the dangerous and dehumanizing consequences of cancel culture run rampant. “Planet Zero” provokes a thoughtful question about if cancel culture has gone past the point of holding people accountable for bad words and actions that deserve it, into people shutting down anyone that has a different perspective or opinion that they don’t agree with, which can cause us to lose a lot – empathy, our respect for one another, and our ability to communicate in a way that leads to actual progress and understanding.

Part potent social commentary and part in-depth exploration of the human psyche,the forthcoming Planet Zero album serves up an incisive look at some of society’s most critical issues, including the increasingly toxic division among those of differing ideologies, the need for honesty in our public discourse, and the corrosive effects of social media and cancel culture on mental health and humanity. There is also triumph, hope and reminders that we all need one another on this album.  Planet Zero was written for everyone regardless of background or affiliation with the hope that our culture can stop looking at each other as demographics or talking points and start seeing each other as people with individual life experiences and perspectives.

With more than 4.5 billion global streams and platinum or gold certification for all of their albumsShinedown is a major force in the rock world, and one of the most popular and successful modern rock bands of the last couple decades.

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