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Dirty Honey & Joyous Wolf Brings Us back To The Pure Rock At Club L.A. In Destin Florida.

Rising stars of the rock world Dirty Honey and tour mates Joyous Wolf who are also creating a buzz in the music scene, rolled into the panhandle of Florida on the California Dreamin’ Tour to show the beach town of Destin how to throw down and kick some good old rock music in their face at Club L.A. this past Friday! If you were not there, You missed one hell of an energetic show from both bands. These two bands were meant to tour together, they both have what it takes to make it big in this tough music industry that is just getting tougher by the day. But keep an eye out on these bands, they are the future of rock and rock!

The night started out with the crowd lining up outside the club an hour before the doors even opened, with fans wearing their Dirty Honey shirts with yellow infamous lips with the name in them. It didn’t take long for the line to wrap all down the building before the doors were to open at 7pm and the show to start at 8pm. It didn’t take long once the doors opened for the crowd to filter in and make there way to the rail or their reserved seat and to get them self a nice cold adult beverage before the show was to begin. The Place filled up fast and the crowd was buzzing with excitement as you could feel it in the air….This was going to be one HELL of a show!!!

Dirty Honey took to the stage after Joyous wolf wormed up the crowd like only they can do. But we will get back to them in a bit. Lets focus on the band that is making waves on stage and on the air waves…Dirty ‘Fucking’ Honey!!! These guys came on to the stage blazing hot and never cooled down. singer Marc Labelle, guitarist John Notto, bassist Justin Smolian, and drummer Corey Coverstone are well on their way to being a house hold name in the music world, and they showed it this night in a small club in Florida. The band started off the show with Gypsy, that got the crowd moving and shaking in the pit and in their sets. Marc really knows how to work the crowd, and the rest for the guys are not to shabby themselves. Justin was blasting us with some mean bass licks though out songs like “Take My Hand” and “Fire Away“, and with his now signature aviator glasses that he is wearing, he just looks and sounds badass!…John also got into the act of making us bob our heads to his sick riffs that is played in every song but specially “Heart Breaker“, which is one of their breakthrough songs, he also brings down the hammer on “Tied Up“, which really get the crow moving and jamming. The fans were really digging this set and the place was hopping as fans were literally moving and swaying to every song the guys ripped at them. We can talk about Marc’s insane vocal abilities all day long if we wanted to, this guy has the voice that will be known as one of the best as the band moves their way up to bigger and better shows. He can fucking wail!! He crushed out some killer vocals in and AC/DC cover “Girls Got Rhythm” that blew every ones minds!!

Dirty Honey is what this band is …. Smooth as Honey…With Just Enough Dirty Grit In It!

The guys even had the chance to showcase their amazing music talents for just a bit with some solo stuff that had the fans in awe and their mouths on the floor… Drummer Corey laid down a sick ass drum solo that even blew my mind…and I have seen these guys over 5 time already. Justin went for some mean freaking licks that reminded me of the late Cliff Burton of Metallica. And I’m a huge fan of Cliff, so that goes far with me, and it did with a lot of the fans too. John had is moment to shine as well and did some crazy as shit that had me scratching my head for a bit.

The guys ended the show with a bang and with “When I’m Gone” and their huge #1 Hit “Rollin 7’s” for their last few songs the had the place jumping tell the last note played, To the crowds huge ovation that the band just soaked in as the lights of the venue can on and the people cheered tell the band left the stage.

The guys really pulled out all the stop at this show and was on point the whole night, If you haven’t see these guys you better get on it, before they explode and it cost more to see them, plus then you can brag that you saw them when they were playing the small clubs before they hit it BIG! AND do NOT forget to see them out with The Black Crows this summer on The Shake Your Money Maker Tour.

Now!! Let talk about Joyous Wolf for a second!…These guys are just a few songs away from hitting some big music stuff. I have seen these cats enough to know they they can play some fucking mean ass music. These boy bring the freaking energy like no other and this night was no different…. Nick Reese,Blake Allard, Greg Braccio and Robert Sodaro hit the stage like they were shot out of cannon and never looked back. Nick is the guy that brings the crazy energy to the stage with him doing flips and cartwheels and everything else in between on stage..or stage and in the middle of the crowd in the pit…He is a mad man for sure..and the crowd love his energy. The band played throw some old and new stuff like “Fearless” that got the place hopping, as well as “Quit Heart” and “Mother Rebel” which is one of the songs that kick ass live! … not saying they all don’t kick ass, but you know what I mean. The guys ended the their set, with the same energy as they start every show…they go balls to the wall and it shows they there is no turning back form them making it to the top! These guys are on the short list of band you got to see live to appreciate their greatness!!

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