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(The Red Rocker) Sammy Hagar And The Circle Heat Up the Night at “The Amp” In St. Augustine!

The stage was set, The crowd and the buzz was like lighting about ready to explode!!…And that is exactly was about to happen, in the sense that lighting was going to strike on the stage with Sammy and The Circle throwing it down like an afternoon thunderstorm in Florida and the place to be this night was The Amp in St. Augustine on June I 2020, Because if you were not there…you were not there!!!

In 2014, rocker Sammy Hagar formed supergroup The Circle with drummer Jason Bonham, guitarist Vic Johnson, and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. The following year, after the group released a live album and DVD, At Your Service, a successful run of explosive tours saw the band playing everything from Montrose and Van Halen covers to Led Zeppelin tracks. 

The critically-acclaimed supergroup takes fans on a musical journey through rock history, with a set list spanning four decades of Hagar’s hits from MONTROSE, his solo career, VAN HALEN and beyond — and with Bonham on board, they also tear into a few LED ZEPPELIN classics — thrilling audiences and critics alike with their live concerts. The music draws on the bands’ substantial careers independently and collaboratively; presenting a veteran band still at the peak of their game.

In 2019, the group are releasing their first studio album of original material with Space Between, out May 10, followed by a North American tour from late April to mid-June. Hagar, sometimes called the Red Rocker, is known to put on a fiery show. With his band of seasoned professionals enjoying onstage camaraderie, fans can expect an electrifying setlist complete with songs from each era, as well as tracks from the long-awaited new album.

But this night was all about ROCKING OUT with two+ hours of straight up rock & roll. Sammy sounded great as did Michael Anthony. Vic Johnson can friggin’ play and Jason Bonham has to be one of the best drummers around. As a Van Halen and Sammy Hagar fan I was looking forward this opportunity for years. It definitely overcame my expectations. It was an awesome concert. The whole band really enjoyed what they were doing, so they really dedicated the most to give us a remarkable experience. Sammy at 70+ and never better… Michael Anthony to harmonize with Vic Johnson and to carry the many guitar riffs and dual leads with Sammy was a sight to see and to remember for ever.

Sammy worked the St. Augustine crowd for all they were worth for two great nights for good old rock and roll with songs like “There is only one way to rock“, that started the night off and was followed up by “Pound cake” which was a huge hit with the fans as the crowd rocked in their seat and up from of the stage if you were lucky enough to get front row seats. This night was filled with the band going throw some the most iconic rock song of our age and many to come like “Freelock Box“, which the fans went wild over and there singing to ever word. Then came some speed demon song ” I Can’t Drive 55” that got the crowds motor running and speeding up for more live music.

I mean the night just keeps getting better and better as the night went on, and a little bit of rain didn’t stop the fans from getting down and throwing their fist in the air and giving the band the horn after every and the start of a new song. Sammy was really getting into the crows and said ” Hey, I dont mind have concerts with people all spread out and long as we can just have concerts, I can deal with this” and that got a huge roar from the crowd.

The show end on a high note just as much as is started on. You can tell the people were loving the show as much now as in the beginning, as well as the band. But they did stop between songs and have a few drinks and shots, as Sammy has his own bar up on stage, and I am sure he had some of his booze up there as well.

One thing I did notice during the end of the show was how Sammy would grab stuff from the crowd that people wanted signed and he would sign it and throw it back, which is so fucking cool of him to do. Not many artist do that kinda shit for their fans..I take he as learned to appreciate them over the years and give them what he can give them on stage. That my friend is a true artist!

This night ended with the guy playing some kick ass like “Mas Tequila” and a cover of “Heros” by David Bowie that was freaking awesome!!

Sammy & The boys Are at their best!! Still Rocking It like the Good Old Day!!

Excellent show with hits from Sammy’s solo career and with VH. Loved all of the music and the audience was especially delighted and engaging. Highly recommended seeing this show.

Once again the St. Augustine Amphitheater delivered the goods with Sammy Hagar and the Circle. Not a bad seat in the house, and what a great way to experience Sammy! He, as usual, was spot on. I have seen him several times, and he may be sounding better than ever! I highly recommend catching this tour if you get the chance!!!!!

Sammy Rocks!!!
The St. Augustine Amphitheatre – St Augustine

Sammy brought his “A” game and rocked the house. Their sound was great and he gave us more than our money’s worth!

Sammy Rocked the House!
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