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Flogging Molly Live stream from Dublin Ireland hit the airwave on March 17th at 3pm eastern time, and we were treated to one hell of a show that would put anyone into the Irish spirit!!

Their music makes you stomp your feet and clap your hands even if you don’t know the lyrics. You haven’t lived until you see at least one show. It is amazing to see such a large band be so in sync with each other. They flow together with experience and ease. I’ve never seen an accordion being rocked harder than by Matt Hensley. It’s absolutely impressive. It is almost like an extension of his body. Bridget Regan plays the fiddle and tin whistle with perfection. Her quiet strength permeates the stage and you know she keeps everyone in check. Dave King’s voice is unmistakable. His voice is the core of the Flogging Molly sound.

Seeing them live streaming from their home country was amazing. Prior to the start of the show, Dave King, Bridget Regan, Dennis Casey, Nathen Maxwell, Matt Hensley, Mike Alonso and Spencer Swain all in Whelans Pub, they were jamming with each other and having a quick pint. Getting ready to light up the stage and jam to so good old Irish music, this was just the preshow warm up for the band. It was almost like a small acoustic peak; they had instruments like violins, an accordion, guitars and a (a traditional Irish drum) bodhráin.

Celtic music is the ability it has to tell a story from start to finish and all of the songs that Flogging Molly had performed were rich with imagery and story. Each song they played, was played with passion, and it made people want to raise a pint and make a toast right along with them.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Flogging Molly rocked Whelans Pub in Dublin, Ireland for an extra special treat for fans. While keeping it very fun and light, frontman of the Irish-American Celtic punk group, Dave King, would often call out “cheers” during the show. He also addressed that this show was one of the most special because they’d never done anything like it before.

“This one is dedicated to a man… me!,” Singer Dave King stated, showing that he was playful and fun as he introduced the song “Selfish Man” This was an spirited song full of short beats and rhythms and was a great way to start off the show with power and strength.

“Float” had a great opening few notes to the song. The song introduced as about staying positive and how in recent times, that can be impossible to do. King sang the next song, “A Prayer for Me in Silence,” with wife Bridget Regan, Regan had been playing the violin, and during this song, she sang a little and also played her violin a little. This song was a little on the shorter side as compared to the others, but it showcased Regan’s soft and calming vocals, as well as her amazing violin skills. 

Dave King took a minute to acknowledge the fans across the globe watching the show right before playing the calmer song, “If I Ever Leave This World Alive”, this song was great and had you had you thinking about how great it is it be able to sit their in your own home and see a band on your computer from thousands of miles way and still get the energy from the band.

A fun short song, “Salty Dog” (Swagger, 2000), was a very lively song. While it was closer to the end of the show, people would never know it, as the energy was still off the chain and had you moving in your set, which proved what just how great Flogging Molly is. It’s one thing to have a song or two that’s very lively and full of excitement, but every single song they performed was a on point, and just as energetic as the last. 

As with authentic Celtic tunes, this was happy, vibrant and made people want to get up and dance from the very beginning to the very end. While this stream was the perfect St. Patrick’s Day event, it will be available to be enjoyed from March 17th until March 21st. 

If you get a chance, I would highly recommend seeing this show and once we get to see and hear live music again, Hopefully really soon, I would go see Flogging Molly!!!


Set List:

The Likes of You Again
Selfish Man
The Hand of John L. Sullivan
Another Bag of Bricks
Whistles the Wind
(No More) Paddy’s Lament
Drunken Lullabies
The Days We’ve Yet to Meet
A Prayer for Me in Silence
Tobacco Island
Rebels of the Sacred Heart
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Devil’s Dance Floor
The Seven Deadly Sins
Salty Dog
What’s Left Of The Flag
So Sail On
Ruby Fall
St. Cloud

The Spoken Wheel/Black Friday Rule

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