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Acid Blood – Wartimes video and festival live-set

Acid Blood is a punk band from Umeå, Sweden, and features vocalist Jojo Anderbygd, guitarist Karl Backman (previously in AC4, The Vectors, The T-55s), bass player Emil Fjällström (previously in Raging Steel), and drummer Isak Mörtzell. The band is influenced by Motörhead, Girlschool, Stooges, Exploited and Plasmatics among others.

The album was first released in Germany on vinyl through JANML/MVL in June 2019, and then reissued on CD in the USA via Dead Beat Records in November 2020. The US CD version has two bonus tracks taken from the “Dagger Eyes” 7″ EP and can be ordered directly from the label at
while the European versions of both the LP and 7″ EP are available at
The album is also available at Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, MediaNet, Napster, Spotify and other digital stores.

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