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Live Review~ Sister Hazel “Gets The Music Team Back Together” @ The Florida Theatre!

Live Review ~ Sister Hazel “Gets The Music Team Back Together” @ The Florida Theatre!

Combining elements of folk, jangle pop, pop-grunge, and south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-line classic rock, Sister Hazel Earworm melodies, tight harmonies made their sounds heard at the Florida Theatre last night for one of, if not the first live concert of 2021 at the theatre. They literally ‘got the band back together’ for one epic show that had their fans dancing and rocking out of their seat for over an hour and half!! AND IT FELT SOOOO GOOD!

The band, formed just west in Gainesville Florida in 1993, are out supporting their new album Elements, that was release in April 2020. One thing you can say about Sister Hazel… They really know how to connect with their fans before, during and after their shows. They know how to keep the fans engaged, laughing and having a good time through out the whole show with great music and funny stories between these great songs, and last night was no exceptions…They had the crowd going from the get go!

The band walked out on stage with a buzz in the air and people ready to hear, feel and see live music, for some, it’s the first time in quite some time for a concert, me included. From the first note to the last, the band had the fans and the theatre rocking!! The guys started off with show with the audience going wild over songs like “Change Your Mind“, “Come A day“, “Something To Believe in” and really got the crowd wanting more with old school favorites “Champaign High” and “Mandolin Moon“… The guys really hit their stride as the show continued. The last 5 or so some songs the crowd was standing and rocking the isles and in front of their chairs, with hands in the air and the hips and heads moving to the beats all the way to the end of the show with “Swan Dive” and “Happy” to the delight of Sister Hazel fans though out the venue. Sister Hazel is not just about the music, its about that feeling you get when you hear them sing and play, it takes you to better places and good times… like you are sitting in the backyard around a fire pit with good friends and family soaking in the music, and not thinking about what is going on in the world, I think that what we all need at this time!

I will say this, Sister Hazel put on one hell of a show, that sounded great!..The guys have not missed a beat what so ever with their singing and playing. Make sure you go see the guys at their next stops in the coming months. You can see where they will be next here.

The Florida Theatre did a fantastic job with keeping all the fans and staff to feel safe with many precautions being implement before, during and after the show with requiring people wearing their mask at all times, as well as keeping all contact areas clean.

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