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Album Review ~Sydney Fate – Silicon Nitride

Sydney Fate – Silicon Nitride

Dreaming of following in the footsteps of your musical idols that have come before you is something every garage band dreams of and so many bands see those dreams crash on the shore. Sydney Fate is NOT one of those bands! They deliver a beautiful combination of intense screams and clean harmonic vocals along with a melody in their songs that transport you. I was pleasantly surprised when listening to Silicon Nitride, their Debut album. Every song had me dancing along and imagining being in the pit at one of their shows seeing them live, which they no doubt will bring the same intense energy. 

The album is well written and you can see the depth of this band in it’s lyrics and how smoothly  it is combined with the music, the solid riffs of the guitar and the heavy instrumentals really bring it to the next level. TACENDA is by far my favorite track on the album and it’s easy to see why it was the first track. Silicon Nitride delivers songs about lost love and pain that rings true for so many of us. The tracks we feel in our hearts and can easily scream along as we fight through the pain. Songs that reach through and touch your soul are the ones that have the most impact and last forever and Sydney Fate more than delivered with this album. 

Adam Rapado’s brutal screams that gives it that intense metal edge

Front man and vocalist Bailey Edwards has a beautiful and charismatic voice that floats along and easily mixes with Adam Rapado’s brutal screams that gives it that intense metal edge. Dominic Evans & Owen Whittaker really brings the sound together with intense guitar riffs which is really showcased at the end of Falling Forward. This album really gives alternative metal fans something to look forward to. 

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