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Interview with “Firestarter” who will play Feb 19 – St. Augustine, FL @ Planet Sarbez *

Firestarter Hi Res – Credit Lauren Fletcher

 Pop punk band Firestarter are pleased to announce a series of additional solo dates following their upcoming month-long US tour with Trophy WivesNominee, and Such A Mess. For more information on all shows and to purchase tickets, please visit:

Here are a few questions we had for “Firestarter” and they gave us some great answers to our questions below.

1. You guys just announced some added dates to your Firestarter and Friends Do America Tour, How do you guys get along on tour? What is your one thing you can’t stand about touring?
We may bust each others balls 24/7 or pull the occasionally prank, but we get along great on tour and have a blast seeing the country together. Honestly there is a dead heat tie between not showering for days at a time and being in cold weather. Yes, we are girls.2. What is the one place on the previous tours that sticks out in your head, whether it be a good memory or a bad memory? What is the one city you just love going back to (besides your home town)?
This one’s a bad memory, but there is a stretch of highway outside of Roswell, NM where our bassist Jeff claims to have seen a UFO but also we were involved in a bad accident that ended up totaling our trailer. The first city to come to mind for that question would be Charleston, SC. Every time we are there, everyone treats us like family and we have an absolute blast playing there. Honorable mention goes to the state of Florida, all of you are the MVP’s.

3.What bands have been the biggest influences in your music?
Our biggest influences would have to be blink-182, Silverstein, Senses Fail, The Starting Line,  New Found Glory, and all boy bands from the late 1990’s.

4. I can see you asked your fans what they would like to hear on this tour. Can you give us a hint of what we can expect?
A good mix of songs from all of our releases thus far and maybe even a new song, but you didn’t hear that from us.

5.The new EP “Forget The Past” seems like it is doing very well…From what you see at the live shows, how do you think the fans are taking to it?
Day in and day out on each tour, we continue to sell more copies of it versus our previous releases and the fact kids are still attaching to it months after it’s release, it’s an awesome feeling. Without our fans, both new and old, we wouldn’t be able to keep touring and it’s awesome to see their support.

6. The latest EP is called “Forget The Past,” what was the inspiration or message behind the songs and the lyrics on the album?
The message behind each of the songs on “Forget The Past” follows the notion of not dwelling on the past and make new memories to replace the old and possibly, bad ones. The past is the past for a reason and we’ve all made mistakes, but dwelling on them gets you nowhere. Learn from it and move forward.

7. There are rumors of a new music coming out soon…can you elaborate on that a little for us?
We tracked four songs with Jay Maas who also recorded Counterparts, Defeater, and State Champs over the course of the winter and we hope to have them out by the summer!

Have you ever just packed everything you own, and left somewhere you’ve known for so long and traded it in for the unknown” singer/guitarist Matt LaPerche croons on “49 Stow” – these are the words Firestarter was built on when LaPerche moved to Albany for a fresh start. The group, also consisting of Tyler McMullen (guitar), Jeff Henlin (bass), and Matt Bliss (drums), came together in the fall of 2012. They hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since. In just over two years, Firestarter has released two EP’s –  2013’s New Beginnings and 2014’s Forget The Past – a split 7″ with Orlando’s Old Again, and toured the United States extensively in support of all of them.

Firestarter has no plan of stopping now. With the release of a new EP recorded by Jay Maas (CounterpartsDefeaterState Champs) on the horizon, be sure to keep this Albany, NY band on your radar this year.

Firestarter released their latest EP Forget The Past on May 13th, 2014. To stream or purchase Forget The Past, please visit:



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