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Live Review~ Five Finger Death Punch Sets The Stage On Fire at Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena!!

The Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena will have to be checked for structural damage after heavy hitters Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace and Bad Wolves, With a little help from Fire From The Gods pounded their way through hard hitting, face melting songs that would make anyone with a pulse bang their fucking heads!!

This was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever attended! We really enjoyed the excellent band line-up, and headliner Five Finger Death Punch put on a kick-ass show! Bad Wolves, Three Days Grace, and Five Finger Death Punch really had the crowd pumped, and they played so many good songs live! It was a very exciting concert, it was a blast! From the lights to the songs they played, TDG and FFDP put on the best show! 

All 4 bands complained of technical problems through out the show but they played on like troopers and never missed a beat. Thank you guys for a true ROCK SHOW! 

Here are a few thing that we heard from other fans

The show was absolutely amazing the special effects, the interactions with the crowd, the patriotism, the stuff they throw into the crowd, the music, I loved it all and would definitely go to another show!!

The concert was absolutely the most incredible, visually stunning one I’ve been to in years. Bad Wolves were thrilling and a breathe of fresh air in the rock genre. 3 Days Grace never disappoints with an abundance of energy and fan involvement. What to say about 5FDP? They were hands down the most entertaining band and Ivan is one of the nicest front men I’ve ever seen. His interaction with the crowds and individual fans was so heart warming. From the family that lost a member to addiction, to the kids who had birthdays and to the veterans. Everyone was able to feel the love!

The show was phenomenal. Each artist played and sang their hearts out. Was very good to hear the transparency about mental health awareness. That really made the night special for me as a Vet and VA rated disability. Thank you for the memories of a great night!

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