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Review~Nonpoint is On Point and is a Must See!

I found out about nonpoint many years ago, when I started attending more concerts regularly and was very hyped to see that they were playing at Surfer ‘the Bar’! on the “The Red Tape” tour.. I instantly wanted to see the show.

This being my not first time seeing them play, I did know what to expect, and I was definitely not let down with this show compared to the others! They had a lot of energy and they seem to always deliver an excellent performance.Their openers were all awesome bands and such great performers.

The energy that Nonpoint brought on that stage was amazing! I loved them and recommend anyone to see them play!

Just read what some of the fans from the shows are saying!!

One of the greatest live band you will ever see!….I will start by saying they are my favorite band, so I might be a little biased. Personally I think they are one of the greatest live bands I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen thousands and thousands of shows. Whenever they play it’s special because it’s a hometown show and they are always beyond amazing! I’ve traveled all over to see them and will continue as long as they keep touring. I would absolutely recommend a Nonpoint show to anyone who enjoys hard rock/metal shows, I think you will leave a life-long fan! They are also super generous with their time for their fans and always stay to sign anything you want and take pictures. Super nice guys and even better musicians, I really can’t say enough great things about Nonpoint and their live shows!

The concert was great even though I had watch 3 opening before Nonpoint came on which I wasn’t look forward too. Most of them were uninteresting. Finally, Nonpoint came out and they killed it. The only bad part of the night is that how many people vape/smoke inside Revolution. Wish they can banned inside smoking for indoor venues.

Nonpoint has always been the most Fan accessible Band , they take the time to take pictures after the show and meet everyone, as far as the live performance it’s one if the best live shows you’ll ever see!

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