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Greta Van Fleet March into Jacksonville And Blows The Crowd Away!!

A typical response for many listeners first hearing the hard-charging and harder-hitting rock of Greta Van Fleet may be to wonder what decade, exactly, produced these sounds. After all, songs like “Highway Tune” and “When the Curtain Falls” are so steeped in the stadium-ready sounds of the Who and Led Zeppelin at their mightiest and most muscular, it’s hard to believe that they’re actually the handiwork of three brothers from Frankenmuth, Michigan. GVF brought there magical music to Jacksonville Florida at Daily’s Place Amphitheater and blew away the crowd like no other.

Greta Van Fleet was phenomenal and left me both speechless and voiceless. I can’t wait to see them again. Their energy was amazing, the people all around were so friendly and the music was astounding. They’re absolutely incredible.The band sounded great and had great energy. The set list featured all the songs fans want to hear. Josh is truly something special. Great singer and terrific stage presence. Totally blew me away. The jake lead guitarist is incredible as well. These guys are the future of rock n roll. By far the best “current” rock n roll band around. This concert was amazing. Hands down the best show I’ve ever been to and the crowd was in total agreement from what i witnessed. It was not stop singing and horn in the first not to the last. At most shows i go to, people start to filter out after the last last song before the encore, but this night the fans wanted to see and hear it all!!

The opener, Ida Mae, was fantastic and lowkey, but still exciting. Days later I’m still playing songs in my mind and rewatching the videos to relive that night! I cannot say enough about how great this concert was and how lucky I feel to have seen Greta Van Fleet.

I would highly recommend seeing them on this tour, You will not be disappointed at all on the music and show they put on!!

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