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[Country Review] What a fun night in St. Augustine that was had on Friday, April 26 as Kelsea Ballerini headlined “The Miss Me More Tour”.

What a fun night in St. Augustine that was had on Friday, April 26 as  Kelsea Ballerini headlined “The Miss Me More Tour”.

Brandon Ratcliff opened up the show and sang a few songs. His new song “Number in My Phone” is rising in the country world. He has a smooth voice that can easily make that country-pop transition and be a big hit in the music industry.

The opener that came on next was a name that is gracing the country stations all over. If you love country, you know the name Brett Young. He struts out on stage in a Jaguars NFL jersey and the crowd just begins to swoon. He of course sings all his big hits that they came here to hear. If you heard the screams when he began to sing “In case you didn’t know” you might just think you were at a boy band concert. His stage presence is charming, and his voice has the power to make you forget all your worries and just enjoy the night. As he gets ready to close out the show, he delivers the favorite of “Here Tonight” and I think it’s safe to say he is a hell of a singer! I have no doubt that this time next year he will be headlining his own show.

And as the sun has set and the night gets going, the sold out crowd Is ready for the lady they all came for to take the stage. And her entrance is perfect for the tour she is headlining! She opens up in a stunning red dress, and red knee high boots as she belts our the song her tour is named for, “Miss Me More” and we all know we are in for one incredible show.

Here is the thing I love about Kelsea Ballerini. Her songs make you feel like every girl in the world has ever felt. Its a series of songs about break ups, and getting over them, and coming out so much stronger. She talks about letting go of toxic relationships whether it be for love, friendships, jobs, and so on. She has this trait inside of her that shows the fire and strength that all women carry within, and an F-you attitude to give to those who cross us. She is like a beautiful modern age warrior princess and you just wish you had her as a best friend in your life to remind you daily that you kick butt. As she belts out one of my favorite tunes, “Get over Yourself’ my favorite part of the night happens. She sings the lyrics, “You can tell your friends I do it all on purpose, that I’m the crazy bitch that wrecks your life”. She takes a strong stance and a pause and in huge letters behind her appear, “IT’S NEVER OK TO CALL A WOMAN A BITCH”. And the crowd goes wild! Amen to you Mrs. Ballerini!!! And thank you for that song, and that Moment and showing our little girls that it is never ok to call us that.

Now the other half of her songs consist of ones where you can tell she has found love and the man of her dreams. As she sings “Apologetically” she pulls her husband, Morgan Evans on stage and sings a sweet part to him and gives him a kiss and we all just fall in love with being that blissfully in love.

She tells the crowd she had a bucket list that consisted of three things. One….Hear her song on the radio…..check. Two……Play at the Grand Ole’ Opry……check. And Three……headline a tour…..last check. I think after leaving her show, we all had a little extra fire in our bellies and were ready to make sure we were living the life we wanted! And if a singer can make you feel that from her first headlining tour, than I definitely think she needs to be doing more.

Review By Cindy Marshall

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