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Our Chat with Ballyhoo! at Freebird Live

Freebird Live Nov.13 2014. Ignite Music Magazine contributor Kevin Minatree sat down with Ballyhoo! from Aberdeen, Maryland at Freebird Live in Jax Beach, Fl. Kevin caught up with the guys (Howie,Nick, Scott,and Donald) just before they hit the stage on tour with Tribal Seed and Beyond I Sight.
Photo Cred. Matt Searles

Photo Cred. Matt Searles

Kevin – First off I just want to let you guys know this will be the 5th time I have seen you play live and thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk to me today.
Ballyhoo – No problem, we love playing in Florida and meeting our fans.
Kevin – with as much as you guys are on tour, what keeps the band going night after night.
Ballyhoo – The love of it. The fans reaction when we are on stage. There is nothing like it. Everything else sucks, we’ll most of everything else (laugh).
Kevin – I’m sure the road time gets rough. If you could tour with any band, who would you like to tour with.
Ballyhoo – Slayer (laughing)
Kevin – Change your name to Suicidal Tendencies and you’re on!
Ballyhoo – Yeah, we’d fit right in. Actually we would love to tour with Green Day, Foo Fighters, or Incubus.
Kevin – Awesome! This next question is for each of you. What are your favorite songs to play live?
Ballyhoo – She Wants To Destroy Me (Howie), Evil Penguin (Nick), Meat Head (Scott), I don’t remember the real name of the song, Things We Don’t Mean. Yeah, that’s the name (Donald).
Kevin – Cool. Okay guys, I have a question from one of your fan’s from the Ballyhooligans! The Florida Chapter. It’s a Ballyhoo fan page on Facebook. You have several songs about some pretty messed up relationships. Are these songs about one girl?
Ballyhoo – Um, yeah pretty much the same girl. I usually try to write songs about personal experiences as well as adding some humor to certain situations. I think most guys can relate to a crazy girl relationship.
Kevin – So you guys just put out “The Cool Down” EP. What made you decide to do an EP?
Ballyhoo – It was something we could put out for our fans between albums. We had some songs laying around and decided to put them out there. We spent about 4 days on it. It was a no pressure  deal that we think turned out nice.
Kevin – I think it turned out great! On that note I’m going to close out this interview with one last question. When can we expect a full length album from you?
Ballyhoo – We are hoping to start putting something together around the spring and have it done by late summer. It really depends on how our schedule goes.
Kevin – Well thanks again for taking the time to sit down with me this evening. You guys have been awesome!
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