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Concert Review- Coheed And Cambria “Summer Tour 2018′ Mystifies Jacksonville!!.. with Taking Back Sunday and The Story So Far!!

    Sunday July 8th, Daily’s Place Amphitheater was packed with rock fans of all ages for Coheed and Cambria’s summer tour. Along for the ride were special guests Taking Back Sunday and The Story So Far. California band A Story So Far opened up the show with a pop punk sound that leaned more towards the punk side. Not surprising since they got their name from a New Found Glory song. They did a good job getting the crowd ready for the next opener.

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    Taking Back Sunday really brought down the house playing classics such as “Timberwolves at New Jersey“, “You’re So Last Summer” and “Cute Without the E“. They also played some songs off their 2016 album Tidal Wave. Adam Lazzara was definitely the most energetic frontman of the evening. Swinging the microphone around during each song before slowing it down for songs “Better Homes and Gardens” and “Flicker, Fade“. Lazzara really knows how to engage the crowd. He stopped the show to point out a fan who looked like Coheed’s frontman Claudio Sanchez and had the crowd sing “Happy Birthday” to the man running the lights.  He also mentioned the Jaguars several times during the set joking that he was getting paid to do so. Of course, this caused the audience to shout “Duuuval” which Lazzara mistook for booing. Luckily a fan in the pit told him what the crowd was really shouting. “From now on if anyone boos us I am just going to think they are saying ‘Duval’. It’s a much better situation.” Lazzara laughed. Taking Back Sunday ended their set with their most popular hit “MakeDamnSure” which had the entire amphitheater singing along.

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    With the audience sufficiently warmed up (literally), it was time for headliners Coheed and Cambria to take the stage. Unlike Taking Back Sunday’s frontman, Claudio Sanchez is a man of few words. The band played nonstop from start to finish. Only taking a few water breaks while changing guitars. They opened their set with the song “The Dark Sentencer” off their latest album Vaxis Act 1: The Unheavenly Creatures. They then played their classic hit songs “Here We Are Juggernaut” and “Devil In Jersey City“. Next up was “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” which was truly amazing. Followed by “A Favor House Atlantic” and hits “Ten Speed (of God’s Blood and Burial)”, “The Suffering” and ballad “Wake Up“. Coheed then switches gears and played their newest single “Unheavenly Creatures” before closing out with “Coming Home” which is a must-see finale for any music fan. Claudio Sanchez is one of the best guitarists of today and he really proves why when he plays this song. The crowd was mesmerized by his solo and stayed and cheered for several minutes after the show ended. Coheed fan, Geoff Knight said, “It was the best I have ever heard them sound.” The bands, though different in some ways, all turned it up a notch leaving the crowd wanting more and making this a can’t miss summer show.

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Review By Jessica Morano

Photos By Bryan Joe Corder Photography


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  1. The final song would be ‘Welcome Home’, not ‘Coming Home’

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