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Poison..Cheap Trick..Pop Evil…One Hell Of A Good Time!!

Poison…Cheap Trick…Pop Evil…One Hell Of A Good Time!!

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If you want to go to one hell of a Rock Party, Then you need to go see the “Nothing But a Good Time” Tour with the two band that really know how to party like it is still the 80’s-Poison and Cheap Trick.-.And they brought along some new kids on the block Pop Evil. The two veterans of the rock world are showing that they still have “IT” to thousands 80″s rock fans and showing the young Pop Evil fans how to its done!

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I had heard that Poison always puts on a great show, and it was my time to find out. Helping bring commercial metal to the masses since the early ’80s, Poison remain at the top of their game well into the current decade. The energy and passion for music that Bret Michaels shows is absolutely amazing. Daily’s didn’t allow pyrotechnics, but they still made it work with the smoke blasts. The sound was wonderful and Poison always brings a fun party atmosphere. For those with kids, no problem, bring them too – Poison keeps the show (at least the ones I’ve seen) curse-word-free. Typically 3 generations worth of people you can see at the shows and never a rowdy crowd. I wasn’t sure how they were going to be but they were amazing. Bret still has the voice and CeCe still has the talent.

Cheap Trick-An amazing performance by one of the best rock bands ever-I was a little disappointed in Ricky’s playing, he seemed a little more occupied by what was going on side stage than the audience that paid good money to see him play.. I have been a fan for a long time and he usually is on point, but seemed more into “showering” pics on the audience than his playing. The rest of the band were great. Even Robins voice was still spot on. I was afraid he would be losing his voice after all these years but was great.

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Pop Evil always puts on one hell of a show. They are the next generations of superstars of rock music. They are always great on stage and off stage, being that I have met a few of them off stage. Their energy on stage is infectious, to say the least. So if you are hitting up this show, make sure you get there early to see these guy, you will not be disappointed!

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