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Bastille​ and Mondo Cozmo​ Get Wild in St. Augustine on the Wild Wild World Tour.

A Sunday evening listening to live music at a Florida amphitheatre on a beautiful spring night is heaven, but inject the band Bastille and their opener Mondo Cozmo to the mix and the evening turns to an EPIC night!

Bastille came to St. Augustine Amphitheatre to show their fans they are a band best seen and heard live to experience the full effect of their music and that is just what happened. Having Mondo Cozmo opening for them just enhanced the whole night 10 fold.

You may not know who Mondo Cozmo is, but you will. Joshua Keith “Josh” Ostrander is an American singer-songwriter and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is now based in Los Angeles, California and records under the alias Mondo Cozmo. His music is in folk rock, indie rock and alternative rock. Josh and the band have been making some waves on the airways with the single “Shine“, That you can find on purchase here. Josh and the band brought the St. Augustine crowd to their feets and never let them sit, with the energy Josh and the band had flowing out to the new fans were magical. Josh even had time to run out to the crowd to give a nice gift to a kid in the stands, a set list of their set. I will say this and I do believe that Josh stated this on social media ” One of the best shows ever”. You really do need to see this band.

Bastille was up next, and the show started out with a giant video screen in the back with a “Fake News” organisation playing and give the crowd something to look at and listen to right before the band ran out on stage. The surprisingly young crowd went bonkers as the band started off with “Set Them Off” and made their way through songs like “Snakes“, and hits songs like “Things We Lost In The Fire“. Singer Dan Smith gave the crowd a treat a few time of head backstage them appearing at the top of the amphitheatre up by the spotlights and sang a few songs, with one of the times singing with the guitar player Will Farquarson at his side and a single drum Dan would play.

The Production of the show was fantastic and the band sounded killer! One of the best show productions I have seen at the amphitheatre this year so far. Bastille really brought the energy to sweltering hot Florida night, the ended the show just as hot as they started it with “Good Grief” that set the place on Fire!

You can get Bastilles new album

Go see this show, You will not be disappointed! check for dates here


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