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Nonpoint, 10 Years, and F.I.L.T.H weather the storm to “Rock” The House Of Blues

The Dark clouds lingering above The House of Blues in Orlando this past Sunday (1/22) did not hold anyone back from coming out and filling the place up to rock to  Nonpoint10 Years– and F.I.L.T.H.  The weather was actually a sign of what was to come; thunderous sounds of metal and lighting strikes of Rock and Roll filling the venue.


F.I.L.T.H kicked off the madness with some heavy monstrous tunes that filled the HOB, with more fans arriving by the second. F.I.L.T.H is a local Orlando band making waves in the music scene every time they hit the stage. They work hard-hitting small clubs to big stages like Kink Fest and many more. These guys really brought it this night and the crowd responded to the energy they were exuding on stage. GO check these guys out !!  F.I.L.T.H .


10 Years hit the stage next on the The Autumn Effect Tour and had to try to top the energy that just stepped off the stage. The guys took a little while to hit their stride on stage but once they did, they hit it big. It always helps to have killer song like”Wasteland” that put the heated up crowd on their heels and moshing.  “Through The Iris”  really seemed to get the bands’ energy up and flowing.  Ending with ” Shout It Out” brought the crowd to a frenzy that pulled the “just ok” set to one that hit the mark at the end. 10 Years is a great band and this is my first time seeing them live. I feel they may have had an off night, and didn’t really have the energy I was expecting from listening to their music. But I hope to see them again and have them kick ass like I know they can. Go check and see what is next for them on tour here 10 Years Tour date.

It was time for the heavy hitters to show everyone that they came to see one hell of a Nonpoint show.  Supporting the new album “The Poison Red”, and the guys of  Nonpoint,  Elias Soriano (Vocals), Robb Rivera (Drums), Rasheed Thomas (Guitar / Vocals), Adam Woloszyn (Bass), BC Kochmit (Lead Guitar / Vocals), whose home towns are Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Battle Creek, and Cleveland,  did just that. They came out of the box swinging and put everyone on notice that this show was going to be a “Mindtrip“. The guys wanted to show they were still ” Alive and Kicking ” after doing this for 20 years. There was definitely something ” In The Air Tonight” and they were rocking out on stage and gave the fans what they came wanted. They announced that they were rocking the stage for 20 years this year, and they wanted every fan to know that they appreciated all the support they have gotten over the years. They would go on to play a song, “My Last Dying Breath“,  that is on the new vinyl red record available only at their shows.  Then  Nonpoint brought The House Of Blues down to its knees with ” A Bullet With A Name“, even bringing Supadave from Orlando Radio Station WJRR 101.1  out on stage to help them slay the song and end the set. It was a perfect ending to one sick show.

One HELL Of a show guys, Here is to 20 years of rocking out, and may you have 20 more to come !!

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