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Welcome To Rockville – Let the Fist Pumping and the Crowd Surfing Begin..The loudest month starts out with Digital Summer, Gemini Syndrome, Silvertung, Evergreen Terrace, We as Human, Hell Yeah, Chevelle, Alterbridge, Volbeat, ADTR, The Cult and Avenged Sevenfold

Jacksonville reverberated with the sounds of 24 bands as they converged on Metropolitan Park Saturday, April 26 to kick off Welcome to Rockville.  The bands, some iconic legends and some newly discovered talents, came from far and near, and represented every facet of rock.


The temperatures were soaring, the humidity was high and the bands kept pouring on the heat.  The new expanded grounds made room for more stages and more fans…and the fans came with a total sell-out both days.  There was rock, hard rock, metal, punk and every conceivable blend….something for everyone from the aggressive growls of Evergreen Terrace to the fabulous guitar riffs of Alterbridge.  Mosh pits were in full swing with lots of crowd surfing, and large enough areas in the pits for security to help the crowd surfers to their feet without interfering with the performances.   ADTR introduced Jacksonville to the latest in crowd surfing, buddy surfing.  While one person is crowd surfing, a friend climbs on board and body surfs the crowd surfer.  Several managed to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat.

A large middle ground between the two stage areas allowed for multiple food trucks, drink vendors, merchandise sales and plenty of covered areas for eating or just resting.  Kudos to the organizers for their attention to the little details like rental storage lockers and plenty of bathrooms.

It was a music packed adventure and a great day for rockers .

Photos by Norm Al

Review by Karen Hart


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