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The Dust has Settled from Welcome To Rockville Day 1!!

Welcome-To-Rockville-promoThat is right, The Dust has Settled, the bleeding ears have stopped ringing and the sunburns are cooling off.But the memories of Welcome to Rockville are still running through our blown minds for all the great music we all witness in two days of rock, metal, hardcore,rap, and everything in between !!

Welcome to Rockville 2016 scorched through Jacksonville Florida like match to a tanker full of gas this past weekend. The lineup was one for the record books.. With the likes of Disturbed, Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Bring Me The Horizon, Sixx:A.M., Collective Soul, Pennywise, Pop Evil, Bullet For My Valentine, Hellyeah, Asking Alexandria, Candlebox, Filter, Escape The Fate, Parkway Drive, Enter Shikari, Miss May I, Wilson, Red Sun Rising, Lacey Sturm, Monster Truck, Cane Hill and that was just day one.

Lacey Sturm really showed the early crowd  of  day 1 that they came early for a reason, she really puts all she has into her show and performance, and it is all wrapped up in a little package, that has one hell of a voice. Red Sun Rising is another early show that really rocked the place,and showed the crowd why they have a #1 hit with “Emotionless”. RSR puts on just as good of a show as their music is, they are one of the band to watch for in the future to make some big waves in the future. Miss May I moshed their way through saturday and really hit the crowd hard and heavy and often, as well as Parkway Drive and Escape the Fate. The security really had their hand full with moshers and the sea of crowd surfers throughout the day..But especially those bands!

If those bands weren’t enough for a morning headbanging headache..The day was just heating up, literally and figuratively ..The show was just getting started for, the big boys that would bring in the big crowds like Filter, Asking Alexandria and Candlebox were great bands to see and put on great sets.

Late afternoon and the crowds were growing  to the record 50,000 for Welcome To Rockville. And the heavy hitter were still to come. Hellyeah put on a show that you will never forget , with “blood for blood” and many more great song from them.Bullet For My Valentine, Pop Evil kicked the hell out the  long waiting fans… with both having Epic high energy shows. Pennywise was a breath of punk rock air after all the heavy mind melting music before them. Nikki Sixx and the guys from Sixx A.M came out on stage and wowed the crowd and i am sure getting more new fan.

Bring Me The Horizon bring it every time, so you just have to check them out when they come to your town and see for yourself. Were 3 Doors Down bring you back to earth with their rock and roll music that you just love to sing along to their whole show.

The Sun started to set and the music and flames were about to take you to the next level with Disturbed and ShineDown. Disturbed just took everyone to camp with their light and fire, they put on a show stopper to say the least.David and the rest of the band blew everyone’s minds with their own music and they also whipped out a few covers as well.

ShineDown closed the night  like a hometown show is supposed to be done..They rocked the Met Park like no other, bringing down the house. They started the show with a tribute to Prince’s song flooded the stage with” Let’s go Crazy”, they come on and the crowd went crazy for over an hour..With playing hit after hit from past and present albums.

All and all..Welcome To Rockville day 1 was a major success once again !!..The Experience of the whole festival is out of this world,… from the music.. to the food and the workers that keep everyone safe. Congrats to Danny Wimmer and everyone involved in putting this thing together and giving us a one in a million festival right here in Jacksonville.


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