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[Review and Gallery] Living Colour Lights Up The Stage !

Living Colour made its mark in Jacksonville Beach this past friday at Harmonious Monks

Living Colour made its mark in Jacksonville Beach this past friday at Harmonious Monks. The venue is small but Living Colour packed the place with fans and great Music.

Who doesn’t remember the infectious groove of ” CULT OF PERSONALITY  “and the jazzy tune of ” LOVE REAR ITS UGLY HEAD” or the heartfelt song ” OPEN LETTER TO A LANDLORD“?. Well ..maybe you haven’t if you were not born in the 80’s., but these are just a small token of the music that but Living Colour on the map in the late 80′ into the 90’s.

The group (singer Corey Glover, guitarist Vernon Reid, bassist Doug Wimbish, and drummer Will Calhoun) first formed in the mid-’80s, with Reid being the only member with real prior band experience.

Starting with Vivid and continuing on future albums, the band showed that rock could still convey a message (as evidenced by such tracks as “Open Letter to a Landlord,” “Funny Vibe,” among others).

At Harmonious last friday they show the whole crowd that Living Colour still has it after all these years, they sounded so good. Corey Glover still have the voice of the 80’s, but the long locks of yesteryears are gone and replaced by the shorter, and let’s say more seasoned color, it really does not matter, he still have the energy and charisma from back in the day.

Vernon Reid
, well, he is Vernon Reid !.. He is the master of his own domain. And can still make his guitar do things that just makes your mind explode. Vernon is in a class of his own when it comes to playing…he has it all, and can play just about anything he wants at any time… mind melting..He does it !.and he did just that on Friday night.It was a true honor just to see that man play !!

As for Doug Wimbish, ..He played the bass like the was born with it in his hands.He did a solo that was just jaw dropping !! you have to see it to believe it. Will Calhoun played just as masterful back behind the drum kit..He can really wale on those skins.

All and all..this show is a don’t miss. The guys still have the skills and the energy that will get you grooving back to the sounds of rock of the 80’s and beyond. and they even throw in a few covers here and there that you may like !!

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