[Photo Gallery] Twisters Music Family Rock Fest Part Deux

Twisters Music Family Rock Fest Part Deux kicked off last night at the New Crazy Horse Complex.The Music was flowing as hard the drinks were. The show started off rocking at 8pm tell 1130 with bands like – Bloodline JAXInner Demons, Twizted Psycho, Lowrcase g and Southern Alabama Pie Cookoff Rockin Live!!

All the bands on the bill were all local talent right here from Jacksonville. If these bands are any indication of what kind of talented musicians we have here in Jacksonville then we are in for a real treat with some get bands coming out the this area.

All the bands but on a great showing and really did the local scene proud. They kicked some ass and gave the night some great entertainment and put on a great show for all the fans of the bands!!

Go check out local talent if you ever get a chance,..a lot of great up and coming bands are working their tails off  to be heard and they all want to hit it big, but we all know very few do. But they all put their hearts and souls into their music for you guys, so give them all the support you can.

Here are a few shots from the show last nights.


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  1. Great review of the concert – Twisters Music is bringing Metal back to Jax Fans !

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