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Ignite Contributing Writers, Photographers, Interviewers, Reviewers !!

Alexandra Geshel – Contributing photographer-reviewer

I am Alexandra Geshel, I am currently attending Columbia College Chicago going for my Bachelors in Business of Live and Performing Arts! I have been doing photography for since 2015! I started my sophomore year of high school when I saw my favorite band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was playing! After shooting them, I knew I didn’t want to stop. Now you can see my work on the travel Channel, episode 7, the curious case of… with Andrew Stanton. I also did a thing with Skillet and PRS Guitars, they used my photo of Korey Cooper and Seth Morriosn shredding on the guitar. I have also shot Grammy nominated artist Finnneas! I also had the opportunity to shoot my favorite band Blue October thanks to ignite!

Check out here work here Alex Through The Looking Glass

As a kid that was born in Jacksonville Fl, my passion for music started immediately. I moved to Georgia nearly two years after my birth. Music is what fueled me to get over my obstacles that came with having Cerebral Palsy. Today I can proudly say that I am 23 years old and have been a journalist for 4 years and I plan on doing so for the rest of my life. Other things that I enjoy are video games (a lot of them), I’m a huge comic nerd (lean towards DC Comics more), UFC, and WWE wrestling. My favorite genre of music is definitely rock (all of the sub genres) however, I listen to everything. I love all music in general.

Norman Al- Contributing Photographer

Matt Searles- Contributing Photographer

Cindy Marshall – Contributing photographer-reviewer-interviewer

Karen Hart – Contributing Photographer- Reviewer

2 Comments on Ignite Contributing Writers, Photographers, Interviewers, Reviewers !!

  1. Hello Scottie – It’s Leon from 92.1FM Radio > 18 year veteran jock – also featured writer with ! Just a quick note – I actually write for 4 different magazines , all NFL local games , Wrestling , and other events. Former owner of 5 “Musicman’s CD’s & Tapes” stores for 11 years , and photo journalist with all genre’s of music. If you’d like a little help now and then with your magazine – let me know. I will be covering major artists in our magazines and also can write some stories for your magazine as well . Great website you’ve built – Hope we can network together soon – Thanks – Leon


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