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“Bleeding In Stereo” are ” A Not So Silent Band !..As they implode Freebird Live at the “A Not So Silent Night” Concert !!

Bleeding In Stereo“, A local Jax band, took to the stage at Freebird Live on 12/12 along with the help of local super fans “ Rockvillians”  in hoping to implode the place with excitement and rock and roll music.. for a show that was  “Epic” to say the least.

The Rockvillians along with That Riff Promotions really know how to put on a show. They packed the place with die-hard locals and fans that can into town just for show and to party with local Rockvillians..all the bands were there to play for those die-hard fans and have the best fucking kick ass show that they can make for those fans… BLEEDING IN STEREO ALONG WITH ..SOUL SWITCH, NEW DAY, MATTER OF HONOR AND (N)CEPTION did just that and More !!!

Bleeding In Stereo and all the others bands rocked the place with energy and commitment, there were a few glitches here and there but they fixed them like the pros they are and im sure not very may noticed as from all the screaming, yelling and fist pumps the fans were exuding though out the show.


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