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Dirty Heads 14_F_0953 - credit Dove Shore-4NEW YORK, NY, November 23, 2015— Southern California-based rock-reggae outfit, DIRTY HEADS, have unleashed the music video for their touching anthem, “End Of The World” on HIGH TIMES today. The video for this single, off their 2014 release SOUND OF CHANGE, follows DIRTY HEADS’ previous two smash singles, the title track and “My Sweet Summer,” which hit #3 on the Alterative Rock Charts, and brought the album to #8 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

While the group is most noted for their feel-good music vibe, “End Of The World” fuses this sound, but with a bit deeper mood. By filming this music video live at a prolific venue like Red Rocks DIRTY HEADS’ capture the unique live experience and connection fans receive at a DIRTY HEADS show.

“End of the World is a very special song to me,” says vocalist Jared Watson. “It’s about the relationship between a Sailor and the spirit of the Sea (a Woman). She can never stay still, she is always going everywhere because she is the ocean and the only thing that makes her feel better is when he is sailing on her. So it’s a story about how this old man grows old on the sea…. I think that’s the most special song to me on this album, but that is only my perspective of the song because after showing it to different people everyone has a different idea of the story and how it connects with them…. I think it’s the most personal song I have ever written. “

Directed and edited by Jesse R Borrell of NOCOAST, the video, which was filmed on their most recent Summer tour with fellow Californians Slightly Stoopid, also captures the energetic yet relaxed vibes that one has grown accustomed to from a DIRTY HEADS live show. Watch the video for “End of The World” at High Times HERE.

DIRTY HEADS are currently headed back into the studio writing and recording their forthcoming untitled fifth studio album due out in 2016 .

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