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Tremonti “Cauterized” Freebird Live With an Amazing Performance !

1280x720The Freebird Live in Jacksonville, Florida was rocked by one of the world’s most popular guitarists. Everything in this show was amazing, from the energy of the crowd, the opening acts Mindslip and Allele, and of course Tremonti’s set. It was a packed house and a fun one for sure. Even if someone were just out for an energetic and amazing time, on October 24th, 2015, the Freebird was for sure the place to be.

Mindslip was the first opening act. The fans weren’t too familiar with their tunes, however this band was able to get the crowd going and get the show off to a great start. Mindslip was very rocking and heavy and they fit perfectly as the one of the openers for Tremonti. They played for about 30 or 40 minutes and proved that this up and coming band have a great amount of potential. When Mindslip left the stage, the crowed was definitely warmed up for the two remaining bands to come later that evening.

Next up, was Allele, these guys really rocked the house. Once again, fans were not entirely sure who these guys were. They did a wonderful job of introducing themselves to the people who didn’t know. The lead vocalist of Allele was really in tune with the crowd, constantly reaching out for people, getting the crowd to jump up and down, and even had the entire crowd singing along with their music. Unfortunately, the band had a 10 song set, but was only able to get through a little over halfway through their set due to time restraints, but these guys will be back for sure and they will make up for the unfortunate events that took place during their set.

Finally, it was Tremonti’s turn and based on how the other bands’ wonderful jobs opening, the crowd was ready. Tremonti took the stage, hitting it hard with their opening track and title track off their latest album “Cauterize”. From there, the set was amazing, playing an even combination of both their debut album “All I Was” as well as their sophomore album. If you’ve never seen Mark Tremonti take the stage as a frontman versus his guitar playing in Alter Bridge and Creed, then it’s a treat for any first timer, seeing him pump up the crowd and keep them singing to the top of their lungs. Their set was a 12 song set. It was very well put together. The band ended with the last two songs being two of their more popular songs. Once they finished, they had the walls of Freebird shaking with an amazing ovation. It didn’t stop there, after the show, if one was to purchase any piece of merchandise, the band stuck around, shook hands, and wrote autographs. If this one was a miss, please go next time. It was one of the most intimate and rocking shows that could be seen.

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