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[Interview] Mark Tremonti talks to Ignite about front-man vs lead guitarist roles and new music !!!!


Mark Tremonti can be easily said to be one of the best guitar players out there, and one of the hardest working guys out there as well, He has is solo band simply named Trimonti. and he has Alter bridge, which is on a break. But sounds like they are in the writing process now.

Mark was kind enough to sit down with Scootie Brown, one of our writers, and talked a little about his role in the two bands and the challenges of doing vocals on his solo album..and much more.

What is it like to be able to play these songs and what is the response from the fans?

Having this new album to add to the setlist is awesome. When you only have one album out, you have to play every track from that record. You can’t manipulate your setlist for any given situation, having this new album, we can kind of form to any situation, and whatever band pairing we can make it fit, and the response has been great.

You’re so busy man. You have Alter Bridge, you have your solo band, how do you present yourself to be a frontman versus a rhythmic and lead guitarist? Do you approach Tremonti differently than your other projects?

Well I really have to stay healthy on the road and make sure I don’t get sick. You know, when it’s your voice, you gotta take care of it. You know there’s germs everywhere. So, I just have to make sure I get plenty of sleep, warmed up, and ready to go. Doing the frontman thing is a different animal than being a guitar player. You have to be an entertainer which I never really was so that’s definitely been a learning process for me.

So far, what do you think is the most challenging song to play live?

They’re all just fun man. There is never a song where I’m like “Damn, I gotta play this song. As far as singing, we put “Tie the Noose” on the new record and we played that one like 3 or 4 times and that one really gets up there. That one I really have to feel good about my voice to pull that one-off. That’s the highest one I’ve sang, so it’s a challenge vocally.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like you may have been more comfortable as a frontman with the release of “All I was”, I feel like with this record you really took it a step further with your riffs and your vocals. Did you approach this record differently, was it a little bit harder, or were you just used to being a singer and going through the motions?

When we did “All I Was” I had never been a singer on tour before. When we first toured with that record I think that’s when I learned how to sing. When you’re singing in front of thousands of people a night, you’re kind of thrown to the wolves. You learn how to place your vowels and take your breathes. I learned a lot on the road. So, when I came back to do the second record I was much more prepared.

Do you feel the more you progress the more you can do with your vocals and your guitar playing, and do you feel like you’re going to continue to advance?

Absolutely, I feel like I’m still a beginner. On the vocal front, there is so much to learn and I definitely see improvement there over the years. It’s something that I gotta keep digging in. I just had the idea when I started this tour to sing other people’s songs, just like with playing guitar, you learn other people’s guitar solos and whatnot to become a better player. So instead of singing my own songs and how I usually sing, I would learn other people’s songs to help improve my voice.

Well I have to ask man, what is your favorite practice tune?

You know, I just jump all the over the place. I’ll go on YouTube, look up lyric videos and sing along to all my old school bands I liked like, Metallica and Anthrax. I just sing along to whatever I feel like.

Have you ever associated with the venue that you’re playing in Jacksonville, Freebird Live?

To be honest man, I don’t know. I have been touring so many damn years, it’s hard to keep up. (Laughs) I could have played it 4 or 5 times, but I’m always waking up in a new city.

Let’s talk about the opening acts on this tour, how have they treated you and how has the response from the fans been to them?

Wilson has been out with us for weeks now. They are a great band and they are not a band that you can watch and not like. They are a great band from Detroit. They are hard rock and just great people and great to watch.

Well I have got to ask, I’m sure you have talked about it a lot, but what is your response to Scott Stapp’s plea on the Dr. Oz show to make another Creed record?

Right now I am just buried in responsibility. I’ve got to write another Alter Bridge record, which I’m working on right now. I’ve got another Tremonti record coming out in March. So, 2016 is completely booked and well into 2017 with Alter Bridge. So, that would be nearly impossible to work on right now.

You talked about your next record dropping in March. It’s called “Dust”. Is that just a part two of ”Cauterize”? Talk a little about that.

We took 20 songs and made two 10 song records that were evenly paced. I think the first record, I’m not gonna lie, “Cauterize” had more of the key songs on it because it was the big first. The second record has a lot of our favorite songs on it as well we can’t wait to get it out.

We would just like to thank Mark for his time to answer our questions at Freebird Live this past week. As well as putting on a freaking awesome show!!! Keep an eye out for the review of the live show within the next couple of days on the website. If you get a chance to see Tremonti out on the road, we highly recommend going and checking out them.

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