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Riverdance 25th Anniversary shows across the U.S. performs eight shows April 18-23, 2023 at the Los Angeles Dolby Theater.

The show Irish dance show was created by Moya Doherty and John McColgan with music composed by Bill Whelan with Andy Irvine with Davy Spillane which fused Irish and Balkan folk music and influence the Riverdance. When Riverdance performed for seven minutes on April 30, 1994 on the Eurovision Song Contest at The Point Theater at Dublin, Ireland and transmitted to an estimated 300 million viewers worldwide and earned a standing ovation from the packed theatre of 4,000 people

Lead dancers Michael Flatley and Jean Butler changed traditional Irish dance. There is a mix of dances:  tap and jig dancing.  In the show is called “Trading Taps”. Choreograph by dancer Collin Dunne. And other dances as Flamenco, and Macedonia/Russian dances.

Bill also rearranged some of the music for the anniversary soundtrack album in 2019.

The 25th Anniversary  movie was released at movie theaters March 2020 which also the show and behind the scenes then released on DVD December 2020 first in Europe than other countries and because of the closures at the United States and some other countries the performances were canceled and limited during 2021 and 22.

Photo by Riverdance Facebook

With the energy and emotions of the music and dancers you feel don’t change that is not broken. The only changes are the dancers, images on the screen the colors and designs of the clothes.

This year shows starts with footage with music from the first Riverdance performances from the 25th Anniversary film with Michael Flatley and Jean Butler and those after then the musicians take the stage then the dancers come onto the stage with non-stop high energy.

There is fun part called part of the show called Trading Taps with the tap dancers and Irish dancers showing the differences, and poking fun at each other. The Flamenco dancer where you can feel the power and grace of her presence. And there is the Balkan dancers with more kicks and spins.

The show ends with all the dancers on stage and the videos from the movie with respect from the past to the future.

After the U.S. tour ends June 11 they perform at Dublin, Ireland at the Gaiety Theater from June 15 to September 10.

The only changes for future shows are more dancers and for the 30th Anniversary shows and/or for next DVD is to have an orchestra on stage performing the music.

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