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Kamelot’s new album The Awakening has some the heaviest songs the band has composed

The Florida symphonic metal icons formed by guitarist Thomas Youngblood in 1991, also includes bassist Sean Tibbetts ,keyboardist Oliver Palotai, and vocalist Tommy Karevik. The Awakening is their first original recording with drummer Alex Landenburg.

Release their 13th album that has 13 songs now available. Is the band’s sound on the dark side while seeing the light with lyrical themes of determination, strength, overcoming personal battles and growth that is consistent as with their previous albums such The Black Halo (2005), Silverthorn (2012), Haven (2015, #1 US Hard Rock Albums), and most recently 2018’s acclaimed The Shadow Theory (#2 US Hard Music Albums.

Some previous female guest vocalists on the bands albums were: Charlottes Wessles (ex-Delain), Elyize Ryd (Amaranthe) and Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) for extra textures for the songs.

 On this album have singer Ad Infinitum’s Melissa Bonny and guest GRAMMY Nominated Cellist & Composer cellist Tina Guo.  

Thomas explains “the title represents the band’s commitment to seizing every opportunity and appreciating every moment in a post-pandemic world. “Initially, it was about awakening our senses to what was really important because we all kind of got forced to stay home more and be more social with our family and friends. It’s about awakening from our slumber and welcoming the new world”.

On “Opus Of The Night” the first song released from the album that features dual solos from Thomas Younblood and cellist Tina Guo which is new for their music.

 The first two tracks are the symphony composition “Overture” intro followed by fast tempo cinematic song the “The Great Divide” which set the tone of the album.

The second song released is an anthem “One More Flag In The Ground” is a battle or fighting for healing and recovery from diseases and / or illness as Tommy Karevik describes yet as always on emotions and politics too.  Symphony and choir arraignment of the up tempo “New Babylon” with the dynamic vocal attack of front Tommy Karevik and Ad Infinitum’s Melissa Bonny.

The Celtic-infused “Midsummer’s Eve” is a nice song including “Willow” with Melissa Bonny’s vocals blended well with Tommy’s.  Other songs that don’t disappoint and should be listened over and over are “Bloodmoon”, “Nightsky”, “My Pantheon (Forevermore)”, “The Looking Glass” and “Eventide” balancing the album with fast and slow tempos and with a good blend of melody arraignments with the last instrumental track “Ephemera (Outro)”.

Overall this album for current and new Kamelot fans will be happy with that is on par with Haven and The Awakening.  And for future music from the band is that it is good to be released from the comfort zone and complicity with an infusion of influences while staying with the band’s sound.

The band will start performing with a European run in the spring of 2023 and then carrying over to North America during the fall.

1. Overture (Intro)
2. The Great Divide
3. Eventide
4. One More Flag in the Ground
5. Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)
6. Midsummer’s Eve
7. Bloodmoon
8. NightSky
9. The Looking Glass
10. New Babylon
11. Willow
12. My Pantheon (Forevermore)
13. Ephemera (Outro)



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