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Legendary rock vocalist Robin McAuley’s second solo album “Alive” to be released on February 17, 2023.

This new album sees McAuley’s voice continuing to defy time and sounding as inspired and powerful as ever.

The music itself is harder rockin’ than his first solo album.

He took time for a short explanation on the album also includes musicians from his previous album which are: Andrea Seveso (Guitars),
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Bass, Keyboards and Producer) and Nicholas Papapicco (drums).

Released in formats: CD (Jewel Case) and LIMITED EDITION LP EXCLUSIVE FOR FRONTIERS Webshop for Germany, UK and US only.

Interview by Craig Newman

IMM: For this second album were the songs written last year before you went to Europe to perform with Michael Schenker?

Robin: No. This was a complete rewrite after Black Swan’s Generation Mind and should have submitted these to the label last June, but the Schenker tours came up unexpectedly meaning additional shows that is to say. And the tour got extended in Europe which was fantastic. I wasn’t nearly ready to submit anything. And at one of the Sweden Rock Festivals I met Alessandro Del Vecchio again who produced it and that whole thing and co-wrote stuff. So I managed to see him and we a long chat and told him I can ‘t make these (songs) on time, And he said I am here too and I ws suppose to submit one of my records and I am not ready. So he sent me a batch of songs and other writers from Sweden did same thing and for me it was a start for the beginning and fresh and nothing safe from the last one.

We didn’t want to go down that road and we wanted write a completely new record that was edgier than Standing On The Edge with a different approach. I love what we’ve done and with same musicians and Andrea Seveso just absolutely killing it! He is a monster. Nicholas Papapicco on drums again with Alessandro Del Vecchio on Bass, Keyboards, addition to Engineering and Producer with Andy Zuckerman here at Los Angeles to record my vocals.

There are two videos that are “Alive” and “Feel Like Hell” which is like a mini movie and on the release date (February 17) of the record and there will be a third single.  

IMM: Explain the album cover?

Robin: It’s old Frankenstein laboratory character we tried to create. The whole concept of Alive was to send a charge like Frankenstein did to send the electrical charge (laughing) into the body of music and keep it freshly charge and freshly alive. Use the microphones inside the incubator to send the charge back to the music. So power surge for the music and and also a message telling you that all the crap thrown at us that we are very resilient, that we are very positive and very much alive in a go forward motion.

IMM: When did you all start recording the music?

Robin: Wow! Oh my god seems like forever. I think July and August and I think by the end of August I had everything finished here at L.A.  Then Alessandro got everything at the end of August and starting mixing during September and sending me rough mixes and he tweaked them and we are we are right now and of course you have Christmas in between and February 17 was chosen as the release date.

You can see the links on my official Facebook page with all the links and Frontiers SRL to pre-order where you can place your orders and on You Tube with all the links for the album and on vinyl which is a beautiful package with photos and all the lyrics.

IMM: The music is very good as always and for your time

Robin: Thank you my friend so much.

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