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A exciting new musical force called The Erinyes, fronted by not one, not two, but three incredible vocalists! Signs to Frontiers Records.

The Erinyes singers come from exciting  bands on the metal scene. Justine Daaé is from the symphonic/industrial French band Elyose,ELYOSE OFFICIAL WEBSITE , Mizuho Lin from the Brazilian symphonic/dark metal band Semblant,Semblant Official Website and Nicoletta Rosellini is an Italian singer who fronts Kalidia, KALIDIA – Official Website and Walk In Darkness.

Their self-titled debut album as The Erinyes from Greek mythology is a concept album centered three women from Greek Mythology and religion who are having a dispute centered on of the sisters love interests.

The musicians are: Aldo Lonobile – Guitars (Secret Sphere, Timo Tolkki’s Avalon, Archon Angel), Andrea Buratto – Bass,Michele Sanna – Drums and Antonio Agate – Keyboards

The Erinyes is a must hear for fans of Beyond the Black, Delain, Visions of Atlantis, Exit Eden, Within Temptation  and others.

Nicolette talks about new album to be release on CD on September 16, 2022.

IMM: Hi Nicoletta , thanks for answering questions on this new group and album. All the songs are fantastic! The first question is a broad. Who or whom called who about having you Justine, Mizho with the musicians for this group?

Nicoletta: Thanks! Actually the idea the project was the idea from our label Frontiers Music for an International project. And very surprise and pleased I be sharing my vocal duties with Mizhuo and Justine because I knew of them from their bands.

Nicoletta Rosellini

IMM:  And who wrote music and lyrics?

Nicoletta: The music was written by guitarist Aldo who is the producer. At that point we didn’t know which singers will join the project. They did a such a good job that it was easy for us to sing the songs.  

IMM: And when did you all get together?

Nicoletta: The project was put together in 2020 of course we couldn’t meet of the pandemic and lock downs so we did the recording on our studios or other studios. We didn’t meet until April 2022 and were together for two days in Italy to shoot videos and photos. It was great time and we enjoyed being together and a good feeling with us.

I hope the next album will be recorded in a different way where we all can be in the studio together. And signed a multi-album deal.

IMM: Good to know there will be another album and answered my question on that. Will youdescribe the album cover?

Nicoletta: It is about three sisters The Erinyes, also known as the Furies in Greek Mythology and religion who are strong women also they were goddesses of retribution and vengeance whose job was to punish men who committed heinous crimes). Also help build the community.One of the sisters fell in love with one of the slaves and felt it was against the society and her sisters and try to teach them that love was possible and the meaning of love. In the end she fights against the society and her sisters.

IMM: Who decided on the name for the group?

Nicoletta: The label picked the name and I think it’s a really good name and to the Greek Mythology and concept and was a wise choice.

IMM: Any plans for local performances in the future?

Nicoletta: We actually discuss this and it’s not easy because I am here, Justine and Mizhuo are over there where they live. And we have other commitments and busy schedules with our main bands. Who knows actually.

Mizuho Li and Justine Daaé

IMM: And videos to be released for the songs?

Nicoletta: We release the first video for the first single “ Drown The Flame” and last month released for “Betrayed” and just released a third for “Death By A Broken Heart” which is behind the scenes and a fourth that will be released on September 16 when the album is released.

IMM: What is the status of Walk In Darkness and Kalidia?

Nicoletta: Kalidia is my main band and Walk In The Darkness is my side project. With Kalidia, we are in the third step of our next album with the choir session then start on mixing the album and a cool album to be release soon. With Walk In Darkness we released many singles in the past two years.  So a lot of new things going on actually and after two difficult years for the music business is nice to have new stuff.

IMM: Are any performances for Kalidia plan?

Nicoletta: Yes, we have several gigs planned for while working in the studio for new album and do some performances at Italy to try out and possible for 2023 to tour across Europe and maybe away from Europe.

IMM: Thanks for your time and info for this project and your other projects.

Nicoletta: Thank you and for liking this music,

“The Erinyes” Tracklisting:

Life Needs Love
Drown The Flame
On My Way To Love
Death By A Broken Heart
Where Do We Go
It’s Time
My Kiss Goodbye
Take Me
You And Me Against The World

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