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Our Mirage Drop “Summertown” Video


“The post-hardcore music, clearly inspired by The Amity Affliction, is composed confidently, professionally produced, and performed in an appealing manner” — METAL HAMMER

Post-hardcore outfit OUR MIRAGE serve up a warm weather single with the video for “Summertown.” Watch it here. It follows the previously released track “Calling You.”

While it feels as though the band’s latest album Unseen Relations was only just released, the musicians dropped another single from their upcoming third album. 

This time they set the season alight with positive vibes, celebrating life, love, friendship, and all the great stuff to do together in this world.

Hailing from Marl, Germany, Our Mirage really hit deep and strike a nerve. The group’s music largely focuses on the problems that our youth deal with internally but it doesn’t just speak to them. It’s also very intuitive of the problems and struggles that we all deal with commonly.

Unseen Relations

Timo Bonner | Vocals
Steffen Hirz | Guitar
Manuel Möbs | Bass
Daniel Maus | Drums

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