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Ignite Live Review~ Limp Bizkit in the house! Toyota Arena in Ontario, California May 31st 2022

Limp Bizkit in the house! Closing out their tour at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California with support from Militarie Gun, Wargasm UK, and Dying Wish on May 31, 2022.

The opening bands are fairly new to the scene. Militarie Gun is a Los Angeles based punk band formed in 2021 that opened up the night.  Wargasm UK is a Nu Metal, Electropunk duo from London. They formed in 2018 and have 11 singles. Dying Wish was also formed in 2018 by lead singer Emma Boster from Portand, Oregon. They bring a powerful energy of emotion on stage that intrigued me to dig a bit deeper. Their songs are about overcoming personal trauma and one song about the protests in Portland.  Always go early to check out the opening bands, you just may discover your new fav band. 

For some reason, people either love or hate Limp Bizkit, there’s no in between.  I love how they even make fun of themselves. You can’t get to Limp Bizkit. Even their latest album is titled Still Sucks.  

A Limp Bizkit show is a big party. You never know where it’s going to go, but it’s always a blast, especially on the last night of the tour. Wes Borland, guitarist, always has a crazy costume.  Google Wes Borland and his best costumes, he’s pretty creative. I haven’t seen the same one twice. 

Fred Durst strolled out in his coveralls and checkered vans, sat in the dad chair on stage kicking off the show with “Dad Vibes” and “Out of Style” off the latest album Still Sucks.  Cool songs, but we were ready for some energy, take us back! Fred Durst says “Alright partner…” Yes, we know what time it is! The whole arena was up, jumping, ‘hands in the air” and, of course, they had cell phones in them.  Durst did call out some people that were recording the entire time and to just be here in the moment, not watching it on their phone. “Y’all be lovin’ this shit right here!”

DJ Lethal was throwing in all kinds of fun like “Rawhide”, “Baby One More Time”, “Everybody” throughout the set.  Yes, we all knew all the words to those songs, too….ssshhh. 

Durst asked if we were tired of all the bullshit in the world.  We need to seek the truth. He didn’t get too political, but making the point we need to be aware of what is actually happening.  “Let’s go back to 1999!” Yes, please!  Durst wanted to clear up a “serious” rumor, not a “Sirius”, a serious rumor….he didn’t do it for the “Nookie.” 

All throughout the set he would ask what we wanted to hear. “Seriously we’ll play it, what do want?”  ‘Ok, we don’t know Avenged Sevenfold songs.’  They played “My Way” a song that was written by bassist Sam Rivers. 

Durst would ask every few songs “Is everybody happy?” and say “A hit’s a hit” (that could reference a song or anything else in your imagination).  

Wargasm UK singers Milkie Way came out to sing “Full Nelson” and Sam Matlock sang “Take a Look Around” with Durst.  I don’t always love the collaborating on old school songs, but they really brought it and were both amazing! 

DJ Lethal played “Careless Whisper” by Wham! and Durst said look around and grab whoever is close to you. Fortunately, I had my photographer buddy, Christina, to dance with. The Limp Bizkit families that were side stage, came out to dance, so sweet, and funny at the same time. We’re at a Limp Bizkit show, what are we doing? 

Another not Limp Bizkit song “Don’t Change” by INXS. When I say Limp Bizkit shows are a party, it’s random, it’s different, it’s unpredictable, but always fun!  Interesting to hear Durst sing like that.  Interesting meaning not great, not bad, just different. 

After “Take a Look Around”, the stage lights turned off and house lights came on.  They thanked everyone, their friends and family came out on stage like end of SNL show ( even played the music to it). People were starting to leave….Wait, we forgot something! They broke out with Break Stuff! The GA floor was jumping, mosh pit was huge, house lights stayed on. It was an awesome way to end the show and the tour with that much energy pumping through the arena.

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