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Celtic Woman celebrates Mother’s Day bringing Postcards from Ireland to Bakersfield, California

Celtic Woman celebrates Mother’s Day bringing Postcards From Ireland to Bakersfield, California

Photo by Rachel Kipper

The multi-platinum and gold awards for albums and DVD’s of the  Irish group put together in 2004 and the one off performance at the Helix theater at Dublin, Ireland that aired on PBS then followed by A New Journey album and DVD got the group larger audience with various women over the years is back touring the United States that always starts during February at Florida made it’s to California’s agriculture area on May 8 for Mother’s day matinee performance at Mechanics Bank theater and arena. 

With mixtures of Irish, classical and popular music with bag pipes and this year’s shows with three male Irish dancers who are also backup singers.

The 15th Anniversary show which was cancelled 2 years ago and during the cancellations the group recorded the new album and videos at different areas of Ireland.  Original member Chloë Agnew who who at a mature 14 years of age returning to the group with Tara McNeil (Violin & Harp), Susan McFadden (who did several shows on this tour replacing Chloë) current vocalist Megan Walsh and new member vocalist Muirgen O’ Mahony.  

Chloë says during the performance she was the baby of the group and she is now the Grandmother.  The title for the new album is extra motivation for those of us who now and who are going to travel to Ireland.

This year’s shows at 2 hours and bit smaller on stage design as no visuals on screen still provide what the audiences expecting. This year’s shows have selections from the new album and some of from previous albums.  From the new album songs were: “The Dawning Of The Day”, “Mise Éire”, “Wild Mountain Thyme”, “Beeswing”, “Angel”, “The Lakes of Pontchartrain”, and “Down by the Salley Gardens” and “May It Be”. Also “The Calm of the Day / The Banshee” that features the male Irish dancers dancing with Tara on solo on “Where Sheep May Safely Graze” (written by Joahnn Sebastian Bach). 

Photo by Rachel Kipper

 Songs from previous albums were” Believe”, Enya’s “Ornico Flow”, “Níl Sé’n Lá” where the ladies was dancing it up. Megan sang “The Voice” and “Dúlaman” that Muirgen sings while wearing a black cape. The Irish standards include “Danny Boy”, “Amazing Grace” with the bag piper and finishing with the “Parting Glass”.  

The energy was upbeat and the gals flirtatious with the three male dances of course having fun for and not performing for two years we all need that.


Always to build on for their shows that the stage designs from previous shows to be bolder with symbols, landscapes and buildings (I.e. Castles, Pubs) to bring a wee bit more of the Emerald Isle.

Sláinte means to your good health in Irish.

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