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Samantha Fish ‘Electrifies’ the Ponte Vetra Concert Hall on a Sunday Night…Fun, enjoyable, energetic – and what a voice! Samantha Fish put on an amazing show!

Over the course of her career as an award-winning artist, singer/songwriter/guitarist Samantha Fish has brought extraordinary power to her self-expression, capturing her inner world in combustible riffs, visceral rhythms, and spine-tingling vocal work. On her new album Faster, she joins forces with superproducer Martin Kierszenbaum (Lady Gaga, Sting, Sheryl Crow) and imbues even more intensity into her electrifying brand of blues/rock-and-roll. With Fish accompanied by legendary drummer Josh Freese (Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, The Replacements) and bassist Diego Navaira of The Last Bandoleros, the result is a singular body of work both irresistibly galvanizing and emotionally raw.

Samantha Fish rocked Ponte Vedra at The Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. A looked to be sold-out crowd filled this Hall with old and new fans alike of this “Wonder-Woman” on Guitar. Her fantastic guitar playing which is above and beyond any current artist, ruled the night along with her superb and strong vocals. The ovations she received were non-stop and even extended into her intros for her next songs. Samantha is a hard-working performer who is a road warrior playing over 180 dates a year. Playing with Matt Wade on Keys and Sarah Tomek on Drums, along with Ron Johnson on bass, Samantha and the band were literally on fire. She has a great rapport with any crowd and after Sunday night’s performance I believe will be a repeat returner to the PV Concert Hall, hopefully even on the Summer Stage. The Ponte Vedra Concert Hall continues to book and have a great variety of music and is a great venue to see any act, but there is no doubt Samantha Fish rocked Asbury Park this past weekend.

Samantha and her band delivered an electrifying performance! I have seen her several times over the past year, and she always brings her best. Vocals were outstanding. Sound mix was spectacular and so was the set list. Her new album material sounds great live. She really rocked the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. One of the best touring artists out there right now for sure.

Samantha fish played for two straight hours and gave it her all I was very impressed. After her performance at the meet-and-greet she could not have been more gracious she is a very sweet intelligent and talented person I gained much more respect for than I had before, and I always liked her.

With playing for 2 hours straight she had plenty of time to play some great toon like all the ones below….

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