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MESSER!…Lets get to know a little bit about them & their new Singel “Hope in the World”

The MESSER Machine is fired up once again with another positive energy-driven song, “Hope In This World.”

“Hope In This World” is the newest creation from this modern rock power house known for their catchy hooks and high energy live performances. With 3 top 25 active rock singles, MESSER is poised to raise the bar even higher. Re-energized and focused, MESSER is ready to deliver an experience that goes beyond the music.

“Our new single was born out of the pandemic. We couldn’t just sit here and do nothing. We have a platform and we are compelled to use it for good” says the band.

We asked Dereak Messer a few questions to get to know him and the band.

  1. Tell us a little bit about the band and how long you have been together for some of our readers that may not know about the band?

Hey this is Dereak Messer/ vocalist. Thank you for the interview. We are a Dallas, TX based rock band that has been grinding away for the past decade.

2.            What is new with the band?..New Album out? New Videos?

We just released a new single to radio called, “Hope in this World” and we will be releasing a music video out now.

3.            With all this madness going on with the virus…What do you think the music scene will be like in the future…and how are you prepared to make your music heard if there will not be any concerts or festivals for the year of 2020?

Well it has definitely changed so much from the way things were in 2019.  We had just got home from a 70 date tour with Scott Stapp, and thought we would jump into the studio to record a song and turn around and be back out on tour.  But that all came crashing to a halt.   A Lot of the venues we had played at during that run didn’t survive the lockdown.  So there are a lot less places for bands to play nowadays.  Hopefully that will change as more places are opening up. But we aren’t stopping! We will continue to find venues and other places to perform. Now that the mask mandates are lifting in multiple states, it’s looking like tour life may be getting back to normal this summer!

4. What got you into music and what is your earliest memory of when you told yourself… “THIS IS WHAT I WANT”?
I have always loved music since I can remember.  My father was a musician and I loved hearing him play his acoustic guitar and singing. So I’m sure that’s where the first love of it began.

5.            Who was your first concert and what is your best memory? 

My first concert was way back.  I had an older sibling take me to see Quiet Riot.  I remember the lights and how loud they were and hearing Kevin’s voice echoing through the venue and knowing that’s where I wanted to be.  On the stage underneath the bright lights!

6.            If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?
During the lockdown I got the chance to start a custom knife company with one of my childhood best friends and his wife.  We made a knife and I had posted it to social media, and then the flood of requests to make other custom knives began to pour in.  So then was born Two Headed Dog Knife Works.  With my last name translating to Knife in German it was written in the stars.

7.            On a scale of 1 to 2593, How good is your newest single compared to your last single? (my attempt at humor, but please still answer)

Lol that’s like asking which is your favorite child or pet.  But I feel this song has a powerful message that the world is in dire need of right now.  “HOPE” we all need to be able to find “HOPE IN THIS WORLD”.  So for now this one is way better 2000% lol.

8.            What do you feel is the best song you have released to date and why?.

Well for me, my favorite was “EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL” but we have others off the album that never got a chance.  I believe those are equally amazing.  Like “STILL BETTER OFF” and “LAY DOWN YOUR HEART”

9.            Do you think you can get any better as a musician/singer? And if so, How would you achieve that?

We are always trying to better ourselves from our last recording or last performance.  For me, I just try to take care of my voice and push myself outside of my comfort zone, like the rest of my bandmates do.  Our co-writer and producer Chad Gendason makes sure to always propel us forward.

10.          If you could give your fans one random fact about you that you think they should (or should “not” know) about you what would that be?

I’m not sure everyone knows about my sobriety.  March 1 of this year will mark my 13th year.  It’s something that I find great pride in.  Being a touring musician, and having the temptation always around I’ve been able to overcome and have yet to have a slip up. #blessed

11.          You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Purple.  It’s the color of Royalty.

12.          Who are you inspired by Musically or in life in general?

I look up to people like Lee from Pop Evil.  He has become a great friend and always has helpful advice.  He has always had an amazing way of entertaining the entire crowd and continuously turning out hits.  But I’m always inspired by anyone in life who’s passionate about their life and works hard to make their dreams reality.  

13.          What’s an average day like one tour? and what about these days?

Well show days start early.  We always try to be in the city performing the next day the night before if possible.  Venue arrivals are always between 12pm and 2 pm to load in and set up the stage and then run sound check.  Once that’s completed it’s time for our meet and greet with our acoustic performance.  After that we attempt to squeeze in a little meditation mixed with a little relaxation before starting to warm up. In Between all of those things you hope to squeeze in a phone call home, enough time to eat, and a workout including and social media presence.  Then you hit the stage. Give them all you got, get to merch afterwards to meet the fans load out in hopes to get into your bunk.  Unless you have a drive, then Maddox and I will be up all night sharing the driving responsibility hoping to be in bed by 4am to wake up and do it all over again.  That’s the life of Rock N Roll!

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