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Ignite Review~ Geoff Tate Celebrates By Performing 30th Anniversary of Queesnryche’s Empire Album With Rage For Order album.

Original singer of Seattle Washington’s metal group returns to perform the entire Empire album from start to finish performing at Santa Clarita’s California Canyon Club on October 9 2021.  The musician’s performing with Geoff is: Kieran Robertson (Guitar), Alex Hart (Guitar), Jack Ross (Bass), and Daniel Laverde (Drums) who perform the songs flawless.

The show was approximately 2 hours.  First performing the entire album Rage For Order from start to finish with pack audience with most standing through the entire performance and singing some of the chorus to some of the songs such as “London”, “Chemical You We Rebellion”. The band was having a fun time on stage where you can feel the energy through the show. Geoff still sounds fresh and this was his bucket list wish to perform these albums.

With a 20 minute break after performing the Rage album the band return to perform the Empire album from the beginning to end with most of the audience still standing and singing along with most of the songs as “Jet City Woman”, “Empire”, “Anybody Listening, “Another Rainy Night (Without You)”, “Resistance”.  The top ten single from the album “Silent Lucidity” had the audience holding cell phones instead of lighters moving side to side.

Closing the show with two songs for the encore were “Last Time In Paris” and “Take Hold Of The Flame”. They could have played a few more songs even from the band’s debut EP.

Maybe for 2024 Geoff will perform the entire The Warning Album and songs from the EP.

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