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‘Myles Kennedy’ Mesmerizes The Audience at ‘The Plaza Live’ In Orlando Last Night!!

Myles Kennedy is notably one of the best vocalist out at this time. With him fronting two very popular band Alterbridge and Slash w/ Myles Kennedy & The conspirators. But tonight it was all about Myles and his voice that some say comes from the heaven. Myles came to The Plaza Live in Orlando Florida last night to a great crowd that lined up around the venue in the pouring rain to witness this acoustic The Ides Of March Tour.

The night started off with the openers Tyler Bryant and his band mate Graham Whitford throwing down one smoking acoustic jam. with Tyler and Graham going back and for with their guitars and once in awhile throwing down together. Tyler was also playing the bass drum as well. Now that take some talent to play, sing, and smash the bass drum at the same time. Tyler at one time in the show between song thanked the crowed for coming out and supporting live music which get a big cheer! He also said “We don’t usually play acoustic guitars, because I think they are made to play country music, but we are going to test it out and see what happen”. Their set was short but sweet that started off with and really warmed the crowd up for Myles, and that is just what and opener is meant to do. Tyler also thanked Myles from bringing him out on this tour.

It was time for the main reason most of us all came for, with a short break between bands to set up Myles Kenneys gear and his band. Myles came out on stage to with a huge applause from his fans that come long distances to see Mr. Kennedy to play and hear him sing some new and old stuff. Myles and his band, bassist Tim Tournier and long time drummer of a few bands Myles have been in was drummer Zia Uddin. Myles and the guys came out swinging with ” A Thousand Words , from the new album ” The Ides of March“, which was inspired by a friends photograph of his father that had past away recently. Myles gracefully went into some other great tunes that got the crowd really excited and starting to move in their sets like; “Haunted By Design“, “Year of the Tiger” of his first solo album a couple of years back. and really wowed the crowd with one killer cover of Iron Maidens smash hit “The Trooper“.

Myles masterfully weaved his way though songs like “In Stride” and “Love Can only heal” to the delightful cheers of a packed house. Myles and Zia even had a blast down memory lane with a little jam that Myles started and Zia joined in on drums with a little jam session, with Myles saying after “We have not played that some in like 40 years”. Myles even dabbled into some of his other bands song that he is in like; “Native Son” from Alterbridge and “Starlite” from his gig in Slash w/ Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators . This whole show was just a mesmerizing from start to finish. Myles voice was on point the whole show, and we can see how some say he is one of the best vocalist around today! If you get a chance to catch this show…I would high recommend it! It have all types of music from rock, Jazz and blues. It is just a very well rounded show from the first note to the last!

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