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Annette Olzon releases her second solo album Strong

She talks about the new album and compares to first album Shine and her band The Dark Element with performances.

The music for “Strong” was written and composed together with acclaimed Swedish guitarist and producer Magnus Karlsson.

Magnus Karlsson (Guitars, Bass), Anders Köllerfors (Drums) and Johan Husgafvel (Growling Vocals)

IMM: Hi Annette, thanks for your time talk about your new album. 2014 was last time I asked you about your first album. Does not seem like that long ago it was released. I like the music on that album and The Dark Element. When did you start writing with Magnus for this album and did you want to release another solo album with heavier sound? The music is heavier than Shine.

Annette: I started to write this album in spring 2020 and this time I really wanted to make a heavier album than Shine. Since I love metal and also have many fans within metal it was something I have wanted to do for some years.

IMM: The first song for the video is “Parasite” dealing with all what happening at the U.S.A, and from last year and going forward. Was chose for those reasons?

Annette: I wrote it not only with USA in mind even if it was a lot on the news and media handling all that then, but it´s also about how these parasites are around us. Those that look all nice on the outside but in reality they only care about their own winning and power over other. 

IMM: What will be the second video?

Annette: I have released a lyric video for Sick Of You already

IMM: The songs based on what we are going through and your personal situations?

Annette: It´s not an album like my first one more about me, this album is more about how I see the world and it´s phenomen that are around me.

IMM: For this album you wanted to add the growls? And you know Magnus and the other musicians from other projects?

Annette: Yes I wanted to have some growls on the album and luckily my husband Johand Husgafvel can growl so he got to do them all and I am very happy with the outcome. Magnus and I have worked together on both Allen/Olzon and Hearthealer so I knew he would be a great co-writer and producer. 

IMM: Who decided on the album cover?

Annette: It was me and I got the idea from my best friend Niclas who are also recording all my vocals. He said how about a cover with only your face and all dark around it and well I fell for the idea instantly

IMM: Talk about some of the songs such as: “Fantastic Fanatic”, “Catcher Of My Dreams”,“Hear Them Roar” and “ Roll The Dice”.

Annette: Fantastic Fanatic is a song i got in my head when I was lying in my bath one evening. It´s about people I see in for instance Facebook that vent their opinions and telling others how they should be, live and what to eat for instance. Catcher of my dreams is a song about night terror and this is actually about me since I suffer from this since I was a young child and still does. I get them mostly when I am really stressed and it´s really horrible. Hear them roar is a song about when you have a relationship with a narcissist person who leaves everything at home for the kick of being on stage. Roll the dice is about being in the gaming addiction and just wanting to hit the jackpot but really just being all depressed and having gambled away all the money and the loved ones

IMM: What is the status with The Dark Element? Will there be third album?

Annette: I believe so and hopefully Jani will write some songs soon

IMM: Any performance planned for 2022 as solo and/ or The Dark Element? Do you perform any Nighwish songs?

Annette: No tour or gigs are planned and not sure I have time for it and with the pandemic I believe it’s hard to travel for some time more. No I won’t perform my old band’s songs on stage

IMM: Hope you can get to North America again to perform

Annette: I hope so too its always nice and its been way to many years since I came over.

1.Bye Bye Bye
2.Sick Of You
3.I Need To Stay
6.Sad Lullaby
7.Fantastic Fanatic
8.Who Can Save Them
9.Catcher Of My Dreams
10..Hear Them Roar
11.Roll The Dice

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